What is 2Checkout?

2Checkout software preview with multiple windows

2Checkout is an all-in-one electronic payment service and monetization platform that can maximize your revenue and make global digital sales an easier task to handle.

You can use it to boost conversion rates, run a subscription-based business and help you with the difficulties and complexities of e-commerce on a global scale such as customized checkout options and recurring billing. 

The 2Checkout pricing includes flexible plans for any user based on the number of successful sales your business handles. Or you can try it out for free with no credit card info required. 

How can you use it?

2Checkout integration for LiveAgent can be used to see orders, invoices, and refunds. All of this information can be accessed from LiveAgent’s dashboard without switching between apps. To access it, simply open up any ticket from one of your customers and click on the 2Checkout icon. 

This can prove to be useful for your business in multiple ways, such as improving customer interactions. The customer support teams can see orders in the ticket communication, so they have better knowledge of the issues and they can provide excellent customer service. 

What are the benefits?

  • Business software integration with help desk software
  • Omnichannel ticketing
  • Desk features allow keeping track of your orders in the ticket details

How to integrate 2Checkout with LiveAgent

Take a look at this integration guide to learn how to activate 2Checkout integration with LiveAgent. The integration process is easy and takes just a few minutes to complete. After that, you’ll be able to follow and manage your orders from LiveAgent.

  • Open LiveAgent and go to Configuration > System > Plugins. Find the 2Checkout integration in the plugins list and click on the activate button. LiveAgent will restart after activating the plugin. 
2Checkout plugin in LiveAgent plugins list
2Checkout plugin
  • After restart, find the active 2Checkout plugin in the list and click on the cogwheel configuration button. Fill in your 2Checkout username/email address, input your password and consider checking the two options regarding the orders. After this just click save and you’re done. 
2Checkout plugin configuration in LiveAgent
2Checkout plugin configuration

When you’re done, you can click on any customer ticket in the ticketing inbox and check their orders. This way you have the information ready when making contact with new or existing customers. Are you curious to find out what else can LiveAgent do? Have a look at our tour video.

Youtube video: LiveAgent Product Tour

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Frequently asked questions

Why should you integrate 2Checkout with LiveAgent?

The integration allows you to see and manage 2Checkout orders from LiveAgent's ticketing system without switching between apps. 

How can you integrate 2Checkout with LiveAgent?

If you are already logged in to your LiveAgent account, click on Configurations > System > Plugins and activate the 2Checkout integration.

What are the benefits of integrating 2Checkout with LiveAgent?

The main benefit is the ability to view and manage 2Checkout orders from LiveAgent's ticketing view without switching between apps. This lets the customer support agents see the orders while they're providing support.

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