Bria (X-lite)

What is Bria?

Bria, formerly known as X-lite is a softphone software that comes with a free version and three paid versions suitable for individuals, teams, and entire organizations. It’s a very versatile softphone solution that offers basic functionality with the free plan, and adds new advanced features with each advancing paid plan. Bria is a great choice especially for teams and companies that require more use cases and advanced features.

How can you use Bria?

Bria can be used as a softphone solution for your business. It’s suitable for most personal and business scenarios thanks to its wide range of essential and advanced features. The best thing about Bria is that it’s easily scalable according to your needs and preferences. You can keep the free plan, as well as opt for more advanced plans as you go.

Bria can be used as a dedicated softphone solution for your LiveAgent call center. It works well with every call center feature available, and it can be easily integrated with the call center system of our help desk software. Take advantage of LiveAgent features like IVR, automatic callbacks, a complete call history and much more.

Costs of integrating Bria

Bria comes with a free plan with a limited number of features, and it also offers three paid plans that provide additional features. The Solo and Teams plans start at $2.95 per month and $4.95, while the Enterprise plan requires a custom quote. The free plan offers limited features and it’s available for everyone after completing a free trial of any plan.

What are the benefits of Bria?

  • Flexible and versatile softphone
  • Great looking user interface
  • Allows upscaling when needed
  • Very easy to set up and install

How to integrate Bria with LiveAgent?

Bria can be integrated with LiveAgent as your dedicated softphone calling device. To get started you have to already have a VoIP provider service, and an active LiveAgent account. You can start your free Bria trial at this link and download the application at a later step of this guide.

  • Start by opting for your free trial at the Bria website. You will have to choose one of the paid plans and start a free trial. Bria will revert to the free version after your trial ends, or you can continue with the paid plan. Enter your email address and other details and the website will take you to your dashboard.
  • Now you have to set up your voice account. Click on the orange button to do so and select Configure SIP settings. You will need to switch to your LiveAgent account to get the necessary data for the next step.
  • Open your LiveAgent app and go to Configuration > Call > Devices. Click on the create button and select SIP. Now put in your VoIP provider number and name this device. When done, click on the View button (eye icon) and use the data you see in the voice configuration of Bria from the previous step.
  • Now complete the setup and download Bria. The integration is finished and you can start answering calls directly in your LiveAgent dashboard. Paid Bria plans allow users to add more VoIP numbers into the configuration, so you can add more numbers for use in your LiveAgent call center.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Bria?

The Bria softphone software, formerly known as X-lite, has a free version as well as three paid versions for individuals, teams, and organizations. There are a variety of options available within the softphone solution, which offers basic features with the free plan, and advanced features as the subscription plan progresses. Bria is a great choice especially for teams or companies with a variety of needs.

How can you use Bria?

You can use Bria as a softphone solution for your business. Its wide range of essential and advanced features make it suitable for most personal and business scenarios. With Bria, you can easily scale it to suit your needs and preferences. Free plans are available, as well as more advanced plans.

What are the benefits of Bria?

Bria can be very flexible and versatile, it offers a very nice looking interface, and it allows upscaling for users who want to get more features. It's also very easy to install and set up, with a helpful guide leading you through the entire process.

How to integrate Bria with LiveAgent?

You can integrate Bria with LiveAgent by creating a new softphone in the LiveAgent call device configuration. After you do so, you will see all the necessary data required for configuration of Bria's VoIP settings. Click here to see the full integration guide.

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