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One complex solution for different types of businesses

LiveAgent is a help desk software that adapts to the needs of different business models. Discover how it can help your company with the customer support.

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Explore how LiveAgent fits your niche

Reach out and convert website visitors that are browsing high-intent pages using proactive chat invitations in a matter of seconds.

Provide easy access to important information using an engaging self-service portal that’s packed with FAQs and community forums.

Scale your customer service efforts and automate workflows before supporting your customers becomes overwhelming.

Build up trust by offering the highest security standards when it comes to protecting your customer’s data.

Turn customer service into your biggest asset by delivering personalized experiences that leave your customers wanting more.

Save time and money by managing more customer conversations at the same time.

Save more with LiveAgent

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Live Agent

Grow with the best

Join the ever growing list of businesses that rely on LiveAgent and come from different business enviroments. Learn how they take the advantage of multi channel communication platform and how you can benefit from it as well.

LiveAgent is also able to fulfill the requirements of several industry spheres. Get to know how and see its impact.

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What is the ROI of excellent customer service? This article shows some statistics on why is it beneficial to invest in it.

The ROI of excellent service

Engaged customers spend 300% more over a year than non-engaged customers. Increasing customer retention by 5% can boost profits by 25-95%. Employee engagement also increases profits by $2,400 per employee per year. A moderate increase in customer experience can increase revenue by $823 million in 3 years for a company with $1 billion annual revenue. Positive customer experiences lead to brand advocacy and increased revenue.

LiveAgent combines excellent live chat, ticketing, and automation to provide exceptional support. Increase your sales with LiveAgent today.

At a standstill? Increase sales with LiveAgent!

LiveAgent is a multi-channel help desk solution that centralizes emails, chats, calls, and social media mentions. It offers features to increase sales, such as a ticketing system with hybrid ticket streams and real-time live chat. It also supports social media integration and provides automation, canned responses, and data analytics. Many companies switch to LiveAgent due to its affordability, advanced automation, and user-friendly features. Providing good customer service is crucial, as poor service can lead to customer abandonment and negative reviews, ultimately impacting a company's bottom line.

Improve your response speed by 26% with LiveAgent. Your customers will be delighted and your sales will increase. Try LiveAgent today.

Need to increase response speeds?

Improve revenue and sales with real-time responses. LiveAgent's hybrid ticket stream saves time and increases response speed. Integrate social media and automate ticket routing for exceptional customer support. LiveAgent's affordability and advanced automation are reasons companies switch from Zendesk. Its functionality and excellent support make it a top choice for customer service.

Streamline your workflow and complete any task efficiently. Choose from a variety of checklists and start improving immediately.


Checklists for various business needs, from call centers to marketing and customer service. Ensure compliance and success with these detailed guides.

Migrate from SpiceWorks to LiveAgent today - free of charge. We can migrate all of your tickets, contacts, agent profiles, feedback, and more.

Migrating from SpiceWorks?

LiveAgent offers a range of integrations, including Twitter and Instagram, and features such as a knowledge base, customer forum, and automation. The software supports an unlimited number of websites, chat buttons, emails, and tickets, and provides unlimited call recording and 24/7 customer support. LiveAgent is an affordable ticketing system with a variety of tools and features to provide top-quality customer support. Switch to LiveAgent for seamless customer service.

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