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Focus on the positive impact of your institution on society or environment with LiveAgent, the most reviewed and #1 rated help desk software for SMBs in 2019. Stay closer to your partners and make the change together.

Save time

Education and NGOs are usually keen on building strong personal relationships, because that’s where they operate. However, it’s a good idea for them to cover their personal activities with LiveAgent to save their operational time resources. Combining all their communication including social media channels, live chat and contact forms is vital for improvement of their business. Plus we admire their effort to make this world better place with our special plan.

Education NGO
Education NGO


Never loose the track of your previous conversation with current and potential stakeholders. Thanks to universal inbox and powerful search, you can find exactly the right ticket, which you need. Start the conversation in chat, continue in ticket and even have a call at the end - everything in the same place!

Respond quicker

Get the answers to your questions immediately and break down the language barrier now. You can even get a real-time typing view, which will help you to prepare the right answers at the right time. Your students will be shocked by your speed! You know: E=mc2!

Education NGO
LiveAgent is so easy to manage - even children can use it.
I remember the time we answered mails from Outlook, it was so hard to manage company emails. Now we use LiveAgent and we are sure that every email is answered in time. As a leading language center in Antalya we don't like to be 2nd or 3rd. LiveAgent helps us to attract customers right from the first visit of our website. PC-to-PC call button allows us to talk to the visitors from PC.
Education NGO

Rustem, Antalya Consulting - Language Center

Your education & non profit projects will be in a good company

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How will your edu & NGO benefit
from implementing LiveAgent?

Education NGO

Highest security standards and measurements

Education NGO

Effective management
of resources

Education NGO

The best customer support provided 24/7

Education NGO

Reasonable monthly subscription fee

Education NGO

security standards

LiveAgent's offers state of the art security standards with the latest compliance. Your private communication is safe and encrypted, located within EU or US datacenters based on your preferences. LiveAgent is also fully GDPR compliant.

Effective resource management

Financial and human resources are one of the most important parts of any non profit organization. Never waste the time of your volunteers or participants by handling several email inboxes or other channels and invest it rather into bringing the impact of your projects on a bigger scale. Relying on LiveAgent can bring significant boost to the performance and success of your vision. 

Education NGO
Education NGO

Customer support provided 24/7

Business partners and customers wants to have the access to information about the projects, financial contribution or the impacts of your activities immediately, no matter the time or day. Creating easy, yet incredibly valuable customer portal with FAQs, community forums or several different categories and articles can help them get the right information all the time.

Over 21,000 businesses can't be wrong

See our success stories and testimonials and discover the positive impact of the implementation of help desk software on educational and NGOs

You will be in good hands!

Do you know what Huawei, BMW, Yamaha, O2 and Oxford University have in common? You guessed right... LiveAgent!

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