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Customer support - help and advice that a company makes available to customers when they have bought something

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What is meant by customer support?

Customer support is a set of services provided by a company to a customer. It is also a part of customer relationship management. Companies use a Helpdesk to provide customer support. Thus, customers can connect with the company through different types of channels. For instance: Email, Phone, or Live chat.

Companies assist in installation and training. Moreover, they try to resolve customers’ problems and queries. 

What is the difference between customer service and customer support?

The main difference between the two is that customer support is responsible for assisting a customer with technical issues. On the other hand, customer service is about helping the customer use the product/service to its full potential. This is where you engage with customers and grow customer relations. Thus, providing the best value.

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Why is customer support important?

Having customer support is important because it creates a loyal customer base. However, there are way more benefits.

Here are a few benefits of having good customer support:

  • Higher sales
  • Higher revenue
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Customer retention
  • Efficient workflow

What are the most effective customer support channels?

Live chat

Live chat is an important part of every customer support software. It enables your customer representatives to chat or simply approach customers in real-time. It is believed that millenials are the only ones who use live chat. However, there are also other age groups that use live chat. Don’t miss out on live chat and its benefits.

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LiveAgent's live chat


Emails are the usual and basic part of every customer support. Some might say, it can be a lengthy form of support channel. Why? Well simply, because it can take longer to resolve an issue/problem. However, the reach via Email is worldwide and it is still a well-used channel.

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The phone is also one of the preferred ways to reach out to your customer support. It is used by customers who might not be tech-savvy or simply just prefer to have a conversation (the human-touch).

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Social Media (SoMe)

Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. These are just a few platforms where customers interact with each other. Moreover, they engage with your brand/company. Answering customer inquiries or helping customers via SoMe is a crucial part these days for every customer support. Customer service software, such as LiveAgent can help you manage SoMe inquiries from one interface. Thus, being able to efficiently answer and engage with all kinds of customers.

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Customer portal/Self-service

Having a customer portal/Self-service is important to operate 24/7 as a business. Therefore, even though your customer agents are not available, your customers still get the needed support. This could be via Knowledge Base articles that provide; guides, product information, videos, and more.

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What is customer support software?

Customer service software, such as LiveAgent creates an optimal workflow for your customer agents that make them more efficient and effective at the same time. The ability that stands out the most is that a customer representative does not have to switch between interfaces while working. Thus, being able to resolve a customer inquiry from all kinds of channels from one place.

One important help desk feature that allows businesses to manage customer support requests is a customer support ticketing solution. It is a type of software that automatically turns every customer request into a ticket which can be then assigned to the appropriate agent or department.

All of the above-mentioned channels are included in LiveAgent. 

Other LiveAgent features:

  • CRM
  • Canned messages/ Predefined messages 
  • Merge tickets/inquiries
  • Rules/SLAs
  • Analytics overview
  • Video chat with customers and colleagues too

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Frequently asked questions

How to define customer support?

Customer service is a range of services offered by an organization to help customers with their problems with your product or services and to support them in getting the most out of using your product. It includes answering customer questions and helping with problem solving.

What are the principles of customer support?

The key to good customer service is, above all, building lasting, good relationships with customers. For this to happen, the customer service team needs to know what customers think is good customer service, stay up to date with customer feedback that helps improve customer service, and look for ways to improve customer service and exceed customer expectations. 

What tools to use to provide the best customer support?

In order to provide the best customer service, it is good to use several tools and communication channels that allow for comprehensive service. It is worth engaging in communication using communicators in social media, e-mail, text messages. In addition to these traditional forms, it is worth building communities in groups on social media or online forums, where clients can contact each other and chat with experts. Live chat is an important tool that allows you to chat in real time when a customer needs quick help. Customer service is also improved by a responsive and intuitive mobile application. In addition, the customer service team should have an appropriate system from which they will be able to manage all channels.

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