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Agents are the most important part of any customer support software because they bring in the people skills you need to provide the best customer support in your help desk. Agents fill in the role of problem solvers, helpers and help your company and your brand to get to the top. 

Agents are people who provide support services. With the admin role, they can also supervise and configure the system. Therefore, they take care of some things or everything that’s happening in your LiveAgent depending on their particular roles. 

Agents and customer representatives are essentially equivalent terms, it’s the universal definition for all people who provide customer support (resolve support requests).

User types

  • Agent – Agents take care of all the customer requests, answer Chats, Phone calls, and other messages. Optionally, they can manage Knowledge Base articles. They don‘t have access to configuration.
  • Admin – Admins can configure the system, view reports, and manage other users.
  • Owner – The owner is a special type of administrator that, in addition, can change and upgrade the subscription plan and has access to billing information and invoices.

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