Customer service tools

What are customer service tools?

There are many customer services solutions, that can be efficient for your company. Managers have to have an overview about customer representatives performance and they have to analyze data. It is necessary to understand customer needs, interests and note them down. Contact your customers through social media, respond to comments and have conversations with them. Last, but not least, have right customer service tools.

Forums, online communities, live chat, mobile apps, social media and much more. Customer service tools can be a great way of empowering customers.

Frequently asked questions

How to define customer service tools?

Customer service tools are tools that are used in customer service. Thanks to them, the customer can communicate with the company's representatives, report a problem, complaint or inquiry. He can also establish contact with other clients if there is such a need and the company guarantees such a possibility.

What are the most popular customer service tools?

In order to guarantee the highest level of customer service, it is necessary to provide him with appropriate forms of communication. The most popular customer service tools are currently online communities and discussion forums where the customer can contact other customers, but also experts and company representatives. Another important tool is live chat, which allows you to have a real-time conversation and get an answer immediately, at that moment. Another tool is social media, which are used both to conduct marketing and sales campaigns, to communicate with the client, but also to build constant advertising. Intuitive mobile applications are also an important tool that facilitates customer service and customer experience with the company.

What customer service tools does LiveAgent provide?

LiveAgent provides the entire suite of tools needed for customer support. It connects with social media, live chat, video chat, phone calls, e-mails, communication with the help of slack, or the possibility of creating a forum. At LiveAgent you will find all the tools you need in our daily, 24/7 customer service.

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