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Find out which software in any category is the best option for your business. You are just getting started with help desk software or customer service in general, you might have a problem with all those new words. We have put together complete list of customer service terminology.
Reviews categories

How we review

Our review process

We research, review, test, and put in the most important aspects of each software’s feature. Every software rating consists of three main parts. First, we judge how difficult it is to install and implement a software solution into a regular workflow. We review the user experience, test the individual features, and determine the overall software performance in a standard use case scenario. The third part regards pricing in comparison to the software’s feature set and comparison to other alternatives. The final rating is an average of these three individual parts.

  • Comprehensive reviews of the most popular software
  • Feature tests and pricing evaluation
  • Integration tests with LiveAgent help desk software

Each review starts with an introduction to the software, its use, and its purpose. The next part involves installation and implementation research and practices with commentary on the difficulty of this process. Every review describes the software or a specific feature and how you can use it in daily work. If the reviewer experiences any issues, bugs, or other difficulties, they will be mentioned in this part of the review. We also evaluate how some software integrates with LiveAgent help desk software. Lastly, there is a pricing evaluation and a description of available plans, followed by a conclusion and pros and cons.

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