Typing Speed Test

What is a good typing test?

There’s no definite answer regarding a good typing speed, however, the average typing speed for most people is roughly 40 words per minute (WPM). If you’re applying for a job that requires a lot of typing (such as a customer support representative that has to do a lot of live chat typing) you’ll need to be able to type 60-80 words per minute. Other high-level typist jobs (such as paralegals, secretaries, or transcriptionists) may require you to type up to 100 WPM.

Why it is important to have a good typing test?

Employers favor fast typers because they can get more work done in a shorter amount of time. However, it’s important that you don’t sacrifice the accuracy of your typing for speed. If you type fast but make many mistakes in the process, you’ll have to go back and correct everything you wrote, which is far from efficient. If you make a lot of mistakes, consider perfecting your typing skills with our typing test.

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How can a typing test help your business?

Improves agent

As typing speed increases, agent productivity improves. The faster your agents type, the faster they can resolve tickets and move onto more complex tasks.

Faster resolution

Faster typing speeds equal faster resolution times. Surprise your customers with lightning-fast responses on live chat or social media by improving your typing speed with our live chat typing test.

Higher customer

Customers want their queries answered as soon as possible. Delight them with fast typing speeds and resolution times, and increase customer satisfaction at the same time.

Learn to type faster

How I Type REALLY Fast (156 Words per Minute) | Ali Abdaal15:33Youtube video: How I Type REALLY Fast (156 Words per Minute)
Ali Abdaal


  • benefits of improving typing speed
  • practical tips on how to improve typing speed
  • relationship between typing speed and productivity/creativity

Video summary

In this video, Ali, a resident doctor in the UK, talks about the benefits of typing faster. He claims that improving typing speed can increase productivity and impress people, in addition to facilitating computer use in general. He shares eight practical tips on how to improve typing speed and reveals that he can type about 155 words per minute. Overall, he suggests that improving typing speed can lead to better creativity and productivity.


How To Type Faster (Tips for every stage 0 - 50 - 100 - 150 WPM) | Mr Chops04:16Youtube video: How To Type Faster (Tips for every stage 0  - 50 - 100 - 150 WPM)
Mr Chops


  • Importance of learning to type faster
  • Tools and tips to improve typing speed
  • Techniques to practice and continue improving typing speed

Video summary

In this video, the speaker emphasizes the importance of learning to type faster and provides tips and tools to improve typing speed. The average person types 40 words per minute, which is considered too slow for normal typing users. However, by practicing with websites like TypeRacer and 10 Fast Fingers, and by learning the fundamental typing position and using shortcuts like Control + Backspace, it is possible to improve typing speed to 60 or even 80 words per minute within a few months. The speaker also suggests practicing to look at the next word while currently typing the previous one, and thinking of words as one stroke of keys. With consistent practice, the speaker believes it is possible to continue improving typing speed.


Frequently asked questions

If you have questions, we have the answers. Take a look at the most frequent questions about the help desk price calculator.

What is a typing speed test?

A typing speed test is a test that measures the number of words and characters you can type per minute. In addition to speed, typing tests also measure spelling accuracy.

What’s the average typing speed?

Average typing speeds vary from industry to industry, however, the average typing speed for a professional typist is between 65 – 70 WPM.

What is WPM?

The abbreviation WPM stands for words per minute. Whenever you’re taking a typing test, you should aim to type between 65 – 70 words per minute.

What is CPM?

The CPM is the number of characters that you type per minute, including all your mistakes.

How can I type faster?

Asking potential and existing employees to take typing speed tests can help improve productivity, customer satisfaction, and in turn revenue. The faster your employees can resolve customer issues, the more satisfied your customers will be. In turn, high customer satisfaction rates will improve your retention rates and revenue.

Why is typing speed important in customer service?

Typing speeds are important in customer service because the faster a support agent can type, the more tickets they can answer. This decreases ticket loads, improves productivity, and improves customer satisfaction.

How do shortcuts improve typing speed?

Learning keyboard shortcuts once you’ve mastered the basics of typing can help you improve productivity and efficiency because they reduce the number of clicks you have to make to execute certain functions.

How often should you test your typing speed?

You should test your typing speed at least once a month. Because the accuracy and speed of your typing is dependant on muscle memory, it’s good to train it and practice with randomly generated words that are generated in typing tests.

Why does typing speed matter?

Typing speed matters because it indicates how fast and accurately you can type. Many businesses use typing speed as a benchmark to figure out if you’d be a good fit for certain typist positions such as customer service representative, secretary, or note taker.

How can I practice typing faster?

The best way to practice typing faster is to do typing tests over and over. At first, it’s important to focus on your muscle memory, finger placement, and to prioritize accuracy over speed. Over time, as your muscle memory adjusts and you hit the correct keys when typing, you can start shifting your focus on to speed.

Is this typing speed test free?

LiveAgent’s typing test is free. We wanted to create a tool that you can use over and over to practice and perfect your typing skills.

How should I position my fingers on the keyboard to type faster?

There’s no ideal keyboard/finger alignment. However, your fingers should feel comfortable with their position on the keyboard. It can help to curve your fingers slightly and place your hands down lightly, so they are ready to move.

How can I maintain accuracy and typing speed?

If you want to maintain accuracy and type fast at the same time, it’s important to refrain from looking at your keyboard, and instead, trust your senses and muscle memory. If you start looking at the keyboard, your fingers can fall out of sync.

Do employers actually care about your typing speed?

Not every employer will care about your typing speed, however, if you’re applying for a job that revolves around typing, your typing speed can be a deal-breaker. Generally, customer support representatives, secretaries, copywriters, or clerks need to have average or above-average typing speed to be considered for the job.

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