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Discover the fastest live chat on the market

Live chat software by LiveAgent is quick, reliable, makes your business more profitable, and helps your customer support teams be more productive. 

Create instant connections with proactive live chat software

Utilize live chat software to convert website visitors into paying customers in seconds. Powered by automation, smart chat routing options enable users to chat with agents that are best equipped to provide them with the right type of assistance.

With LiveAgent’s advanced features, you’ll save tons of time. Spend that time focusing on what’s important — building meaningful relationships with your customers.

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LiveAgent combines excellent live chat, ticketing and automation that allow us to provide exceptional support to our customers.

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Smooth website integration

LiveAgent was built to save your valuable time. A simple (copy & paste) integration connects you with your customers within seconds. LiveAgent routes new incoming chats to the right members in your team and dynamically adapts online chat availability as your agents log in and out during their shift.

What is live chat support software?

Live chat support software is a core part of a complex help desk software that enables live communication with a business on one side and an audience on the other. With LiveAgent you can install the live chat module (or in other words the live chat widget) on your website in less than a minute and start talking to your customers and prospects. 

Live Chat Software by LiveAgent

What type of live chat software does LiveAgent offer?

Live chat usually represents a chat solution only, meaning the communication is only via messaging channels. However, chat solutions can also include voice and video components. What does that mean? Well, besides providing classic chat services, your company can also offer a video chat.

Video chat is an outstanding addition to web chat. It enables you to effectively solve issues by screen sharing, which is quite helpful in service-oriented industries.

How does the live chat app work?

Web chat software is a customer communication platform that allows seamless customer communication with customer support teams. When the customer reaches out through the chat application, your agents receive a new ticket in LiveAgent’s universal inbox. As a result, agents can answer promptly and improve customer engagement.  

Why companies use live help chat software

Your customers are looking for immediate answers to their questions. Live chat is the fastest way to connect with them.

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Increase sales

Are you wondering why so many visitors leave your website without becoming your customers? Speak with them live and get their attention.
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Improve satisfaction

Solve all your customer’s issues before they get upset and start to look for alternatives. Improve your customers’ experiences with your products.

Cut costs

One live chat agent can handle several customers at the same time. LiveAgent improves your productivity and customer satisfaction.

We reinvented the way companies live chat with customers

Watch how we integrated live chat into a single omnichannel communication platform. LiveAgent is a customer support software that offers all the common live chat features you will ever need, and on top of that, we included many unique perks you won’t find in any other software. LiveAgent’s website chat feature simply has it all.

Give your customer support a boost with our advanced features

Set up rules to automatically invite visitors to chat online and turn visitors into customers. Proactive chat invitations allow your agents to contact visitors through a chat widget. The chat notifications improve customer loyalty since the customer interaction is fast and efficient. Learn more…

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Watch your visitors as they move through your website and interact with them. Website monitoring feature allows you to view the customer journey, specifically the URLs they’re on. If needed, your customer service team can contact a potential customer at any time. Learn more…

Let your agents prepare their answers before the customer sends their initial message. This feature allows your sales team to view the sneak-peak of the chat messages as the customers are typing them. As a result, your sales reps can provide prompt solutions and improve the user experience. Learn more…

Are you providing support in multiple languages? LiveAgent enables you to set a preferred language for your chat box so you can provide a stellar chat experience. Learn more…

Affordable pricing

LiveAgent offers the best value for your money in the live chat software world.



Live chat features on top of standard help desk functionality.



Every ticketing and live chat feature extended with built-in call center.

How to choose the right live chat software

How to choose the right live chat software

The live chat tool is present in many solutions, however, what you should be looking for are advanced chat features that integrate into a complex customer service ecosystem. Choose from 4 plans depending on your needs. If you want to use the live chat app, our Ticket+Chat plan is what you should go for. The All-Inclusive plan also offers a built-in cloud call center and video call software, and, has the ability to fetch social media posts into LiveAgent. 

Live chat as a part of the help desk software

LiveAgent offers advanced help desk software features including a powerful ticketing system with automation, social media integrations with Instagram and Facebook, a call center, and a support center. We’ve got more than 180 help desk features available at the moment! 

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Benefits of using a live chat software

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Increase conversion rates

Selecting the right live chat support software can lead to up to a 29% increase in conversion rates.

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Decrease response times

Drastically decrease the resolution time of incoming customer service requests.

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Reduce shopping cart abandonment

Improve the shopping experience of your customers by providing real-time help.

All support channels under one roof

LiveAgent’s live chat software integrates with multiple communication channels and offers nearly 200 notable features.

LiveAgent streamlines multiple customer service channels into one piece of software


What is live chat customer service?

Live chat provides a fast way of communication with your client or customer. It allows a customer care agent to answer them instantly and provide them with satisfactory care. Live chat is essentially a simple chat window where a client and a customer care agent communicate to resolve a specific issue regarding a product or a service a company provides. It is one of many ways of providing customer support.

How does live chat work?

Live chat allows a customer to directly contact a customer support agent. Once a customer connects with an agent via Live Chat, communication becomes instant. Live chat eliminates the need to wait for an answer for long periods. A client can contact a customer care agent by clicking a chat button on your website. Clients fill out a simple form and initiate chat conversations with customer support agents instantly. Live chat is essentially a chat window where a customer and agent communicate to resolve the issue.

Why do you need live chat?

Live chat is needed to provide direct customer support for your clients. Live chat is one of the fastest and most convenient ways for allowing your clients to contact you quickly. By providing them with a quick way to contact you, you can increase your ROI. Customers always appreciate a prompt answer regarding their inquiries and this in turn also increases their loyalty and satisfaction. A loyal and satisfied customer is always more likely to buy from you in the future and keep your business running.

Does live chat increase sales?

Providing quick and efficient customer support keeps your clients happy and loyal to your brand or company. People in today’s world are not patient enough to wait for unreliable support. By supporting them quickly, you can increase the number of loyal customers who are more likely to buy your product or service in the future.

How do I get live chat on my website?

Live chat software allows you to easily customize pre-existing buttons or create your own. After customization, all you have to do is to integrate the button via placing (copy-pasting) a generated code before of your page.

What is a live chat on a website?

Live chat is a feature that enables customers to connect and chat with businesses in real time. To chat with a business, simply find the chat button widget on their site, and start typing.

Will I ever be charged to use the software?

In LiveAgent, we provide a free account with limitations forever. We also offer a 14-day free trial for all our subscriptions. But, after the trial period is over, you won't be charged. It will just stop. However, if you wish to keep using the subscriptions after that, you will need to fill in your credit card details. The charges are according to our pricing plan.

When does it make sense to invest in live chat software?

Live Chat software is always a great choice when trying to be ahead of your competition. If you have decent website traffic and you would like to provide real-time support, then the live chat always makes sense no matter how big or small your business is.

What are the Benefits of Live Chat Software?

Live chat software has many benefits, but the main ones are; increased sales, better customer experience, improved customer satisfaction, and efficient customer service workflow.

What are the Common Features of Live Chat Software?

The most common live chat features include canned responses, proactive chat invitations, chat transfers, website visitor tracking, chat analytics, unlimited chat history, and ticket distribution.

How can I be a good live chat agent?

To be a good live chat agent, you need to be friendly, patient, knowledgeable, thorough, willing to help, and time efficient. As a good live chat agent, you must make sure your customers are always experiencing good customer service.

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