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What are attachments?

Attachments are files that are typically attached to email messages. They’re usually photos, documents, excel sheets, PDFs, videos, or other types of files. Typically, a single email can contain multiple attachments.

Add an attachment in tickets - LiveAgent help desk feature

Why are attachments useful?

Attachments are helpful because they enable users to share documents and images quickly and conveniently.  Furthermore, they’re great for improving workflow and communication, as they let users attach screenshots of error messages, tutorials, and other documentation to communication threads, making what they’re trying to convey that much more clear.

How and where can you add attachments in LiveAgent?

LiveAgent allows users to drag & drop files (images, voice recordings, videos, documents, etc.) inside:

  • Ticket fields (emails)
  • Chats
  • Contact forms
  • Knowledge base articles

 Alternatively, users can simply click on the Attach icon to share files.

Drag and drop

What types of files can I attach to LiveAgent tickets?

Currently, all file types are supported, including:

  • JPG
  • PNG
  • PDF
  • Doc
  • Txt
  • Py
  • Mp4
  • GIF

How to limit file types

If you want to prevent users from uploading specific file types into contact forms and chats, you can do so inside LiveAgent’s settings.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Log in to LiveAgent.
  2. Click on Configuration (cogwheel icon on the left menu bar).
  3. Click on Protection.
  4. Click on Settings.
  5. Find the “Allowed file types” section (It should be the first text field).
  6. List the file types that you want to be supported separated by a comma (the file types that aren’t listed won’t be supported, and thus your customers will not be able to share them with you).
  7. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save.
Limiting file types

How big can attachments be?

Ticket and chat attachments are limited to 128 MB each. However, please note that it is very likely that either your or your customer’s email client won’t be able to accept attachments of this size, as most email clients are limited to receiving 20MB (which is the recommended attachment size).

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Attachments in ticket fields (emails)

If you want to format your emails, it can be pretty tricky — especially if you’re going to add images to specific areas of text. However, with LiveAgent, you can add images inline using the insert image button or the copy & paste feature. Please note that there are no restrictions/limitations as to what file types can be sent via email.

Inline attachments

Attachments in live chat conversations

LiveAgent’s live chat widget supports attachments of all types by default, but if you’d like to limit them to specific file types, you can do so by following the guide above. Please note that file sharing is also supported in internal chats, making it super easy to collaborate and share files with your colleagues. You can use the drag and drop feature in both internal and external conversations as well.

Attachments in contact forms

Our contact forms support attachments of all types by default, but if you’d like to limit them to specific file types, you can do so by following the guide above. Please note that you can use the drag and drop feature with contact forms.

Attachments in knowledge base articles

Enriching your knowledge base articles with attachments will ensure your guides and how-to-articles provide value to your customers, in turn decreasing ticket loads and improving customer satisfaction. Please note that you can use the drag and drop feature with knowledge base articles.

Attachment in articles - Edit article

Knowledge base resources

Want to learn more about LiveAgent’s cutting-edge help desk features? Check out our knowledge base articles, feature pages, blogs, webinars, or our official YouTube channel for more information.

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