Agent signature

What is an agent signature?

An Agent signature is a specific signature, that can be added to emails, different templates, comments or various messages. Agents are able to edit an existing or customize and add their own personalized signature in profile settings. In LiveAgent, it is possible to create the signature in a text format only.

LiveAgent's agent signature

Frequently asked questions

What is an agent signature?

The Agent's signature is the signature of the agent in the panel that can be added to e-mail messages, message templates, comments and other types of outgoing messages to the client. The signature can be edited by the agent in the profile settings. In LiveAgent it is available in text format.

How should an agent signature look?

The Agent's signature in LiveAgent appears in the text option. The signature should contain the name, surname and position / function performed in the company. In addition, you can also define special signatures for the affiliate program, alerts or blog.

How to set up an agent signature in LiveAgent?

The Agent's signature is set in the LiveAgent panel in the agent's settings. Then select the 'Email notification' option and enter the signature.

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