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Connect with your
customers on all channels

Discover our multi-channel toolset with 130+ ticketing features and 200+ integrations with the tools you love.

AI Answer Assistant /Private beta

Delight customers with fast and error-free responses. Nested right in the reply field, AI is your newest co-worker, eliminating the guesswork and letting you focus on what truly matters.

LiveAgent's AI Whisper Assistant

Explore why LiveAgent is the best
choice for your business

LiveAgent has been selected as the fastest implementation software, the best live chat software, and an industry leader
by customers on prominent review portals.

Increase your revenue with live chat

Live chat is the right tool for any job, and it should be in every customer support agent’s repertoire. Our live chat has the fastest chat widget on the market, it’s very easy to implement, and it can help you increase your earnings by 48%. Get started with chat conversations and turn website visitors into customers thanks to advanced chat features and proactive communication.

LiveAgent's live chat
LiveAgent's Call center software

Get higher resolution rate with call center

Phone calls are an easy way to solve most customer issues with a more personal approach. Provide personalized customer service and increase your issue resolution by up to 56%. Take advantage of all essential features of the LiveAgent call center software – unlimited call recordings, IVR, or agent availability management and achieve excellent customer service with every call.

Spend less with a ticketing system

LiveAgent’s ticketing system is the star of the show that makes everything run smoothly. You can save up to 95% more money, time, and resources by switching to ticketing. Our ticketing system can gather all of your communication from every single channel you use and organize it for you in one place. Start with LiveAgent ticketing and provide cost-saving, efficient and exceptional customer service.

Save money on support with LiveAgent

Get return customers with social media

Social media integrations are one of the most popular customer support channels available. Social media support has a high satisfaction rate, and up to 70% of customers choose to return to businesses with social media support. Grow a loyal audience, and provide amazing customer support via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. LiveAgent can also handle Messenger and Viber, with support for WhatsApp.

Save time with a knowledge base

Self-support is invaluable at every help desk. Knowledge base articles are an essential part of the customer portal that customers can visit anytime and find advice on their own. In fact, 90% of all customer traffic comes from a knowledge base. Get started with LiveAgent and write knowledge base articles, guides, and how-tos straight from your dashboard.

Knowledge base software by LiveAgent

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Just browsing

Are you looking for an omnichannel help desk solution with robust features, native live chat, and call center capabilities? You’re in the right place!

Compare helpdesk software

Compare helpdesk solutions

Not sure which system is the right one for you? Check out our thorough comparison pages that focus on comparing price, user ratings and features.

What makes LiveAgent different?

Our extensive and reliable features are just the tip of the iceberg. Find out what makes LiveAgent such a great choice for many companies worldwide.

Comparison of setup speed between LiveAgent and competitors

Help desk software with the fastest setup

LiveAgent help desk solution has the fastest and easiest implementation and we have the awards to prove it. Get ahead of your competition and set up your multi-channel help desk within a couple of minutes.

Customer support comparison between LiveAgent and ompetitors

The best customer support you can get

We don’t hide from your requests behind FAQs. We’re here for you 24/7. You can reach our customer support team without unnecessary steps, so we can provide you with a direct customer support experience.

The best customers experiences are
built with LiveAgent

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If you’re looking for the right help desk system for your startup, you’re at the right place. See why you should choose LiveAgent.

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We offer concierge migration services from most of the popular help desk solutions.

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