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LiveAgent Academy

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List of articles
  • Opened book about customer service tips and hints

    Introduction to a customer service academy

    Having happy customers starts with having high quality customer service, and having high quality service starts with effective training of customer service employees. The most forward-thinking employers are always looking for more customer service training ideas to bring their support teams to the next level and improve their customer service.

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  • Customers questions and answers of agents

    What is customer service?

    Gone are the days when customer service was just about being nice and courteous to customers. In the age when customer experience is a differentiator between success and failure, ignoring the importance of fostering positive customer relationships through customer service has become a really bad idea for businesses.

  • Winner steps with flag on top

    The role of customer service in customer experience

    As today’s consumers increasingly demand more from the brands they do business with, customer service has become a critical component of customer experience. Consumers want immediate, efficient, omnichannel, proactive and personalized customer service anytime, anywhere across the channels of their choice. Brands that fail to deliver on these expectations risk destroying customer relations and falling behind the competition. In fact, providing quality customer service is an important part of creating a successful customer experience strategy.

  • Achievement badge awarded to the best customer support representative

    What makes customer service outstanding?

    As consumers are more knowledgeable, tech-savvy and demanding than ever, providing quality customer service has become essential to thriving in this consumer-driven economy. However, while 80% of businesses believe they provide excellent customer service, only 8% of customers believe they are actually receiving excellent service. So what stands for outstanding customer service in the eyes of consumers and why is it so vital?

  • Sad customer with several questions

    Bad customer service and how to avoid it

    With the abundance and availability of similar products in the market, customer service has emerged as the real brand differentiator for industries in both B2C and B2B sectors. A business that wants to thrive today must focus on delivering customer satisfaction, as the consequences of poor customer service can be truly detrimental.

  • Quote of agent in customer support

    Customer service quotes, sayings, and slogans

    What is customer service in today’s realm? Business leaders believe that it has gone far beyond simply offering support to customers. It’s a philosophy that must be embraced by everyone in an organization – from top management to frontline employees.

  • Academy

    Customer service theory

    Customer service has evolved a lot since using only emails to communicate. Nowadays, businesses have to cover multiple communication channels to make the customers choose them over competitors. However, there are more customer service aspects your business should be aware of these days. We have created this piece of content to display the important principles of … Read More

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  • Two agents from providing customer support and customer service

    Customer service vs customer support

    While at first glance customer service and customer support seem quite similar, understanding the nuances between them is fundamental to deliver outstanding customer experience. cu

  • Arrows pointing towards customer to show customer centric culture

    Customer centric culture

    In the competitive world of business, creating a business that puts customers first is crucial. Consumer power should not be underestimated, and customers will vote with their feet if they don’t feel valued by a brand. Consequently, it pays to create a customer-centric culture that is oriented towards the consumer.

  • Graph with stagnation trend in customer support

    How to build a steady and loyal customer base

    Every business has to focus on growing their customer base, but the quality of those customers is what makes the difference between brands and lovemarks.

  • An effort to understand customer psychology and actions of customers

    Customer psychology

    Consumer behavior is the study of individuals and businesses and how they select products or services. The purpose of studying consumer behavior is to better understand consumer psychology and motivations that go into selling your business to prospective clients.

  • A senior customer support agent sharing his strategies for customers satisfation

    The goal of customer satisfaction with best practices

    In this article, I want to dive deep into the nitty-gritty of customer satisfaction. Why it matters. How to deal with it, and what are some of the best practices with real-life examples.

  • Academy

    Customer service soft skills

    Before we dive deep into the definition, we need to acknowledge two different categories of customer service skills. We distinguish customer service skills into two main groups, hard skills, and soft skills. A person can acquire hard skills through school, training, or courses. For instance, in customer service, it can be product knowledge, analytical or … Read More

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  • Pie chart with a segment point to specific data

    Customer segmentation

    Customer segmentation – grouping customers together according to certain identifiable characteristics -has been a tried and tested marketing tactic for decades in both B2C and B2B sectors. Without a deep understanding how a company’s best customers are segmented, a business would struggle to effectively allocate its financial and human resources, achieve its marketing goals and remain profitable over the long-term. Customer segmentation can be utilized by almost any business in any industry regardless of the size and whether it sells online or off.

  • Open book with pages about customer interaction

    Introduction to customer interactions

    The matter of every business lies in the hands of the customers. The market is competitive, and the expectations of customers are sky-rocketed.

  • Person with a light bulb evaluating about his skills

    Customer service skills

    Today’s customer service involves much more than face-to-face conversations or answering phone calls. With the proliferation of digital service channels and the growing demands of tech-savvy consumers, customer service roles have become more challenging.

  • Academy

    Empathy in Customer Service

    Learn about ways to improve your customer service empathy.

  • Reward given to the best customers for their reviews

    How to use customer incentives

    When it comes to business, one can say that any method of stimulating purchases is fair enough. One of the tools that can be used to stimulate purchase or improve customer retention is using customer incentives.

  • Turning sign with a customer in center

    How to turn unhappy customers into brand advocates

    In today’s digital, hyper-connected world, advocacy represents a huge opportunity for businesses. Cultivating brand advocates or brand ambassadors who are excited to share their positive experiences with their social circles can be a truly powerful low-cost, high-return marketing strategy. Though these are mostly a company’s most enthusiastic, happy and engaged customers, unhappy ones can also become brand advocates – however, turning them into loyal promoters might be challenging.

  • Clapping hands demonstrating the customer happiness

    Introduction to customer appreciation

    In a world of fierce competition in the marketplace, it has never been more critical for businesses to nurture relationships with current customers to ensure customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. As today’s empowered consumers have more choices, greater knowledge and higher demands – feeling unappreciated may easily prompt them to take their business elsewhere, in favor of those brands that truly value them and regularly show their appreciation.

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  • Opened email with appreciation and gift

    Thank you emails

    While it has been reported that up to 60% of customers will stop dealing with a business that they feel is indifferent to them – taking customer appreciation seriously is of great importance. When it comes to customer appreciation strategies, however, many businesses are missing out on many ways to express gratitude to their loyal customers. Thank you emails, in particular, still remain a largely underestimated marketing tactic.

  • Post card with a ribbon sent to customers

    Customer thank you cards and notes

    Though sending thank you cards and handwritten thank you notes to customers seems to be the lost art in today’s highly digital business world – the impact it can have on building long-term customer relationships should not be undervalued. Even the most basic quick thank you note following a purchase can go a long way in delighting customers, changing their perception of a brand and making a business stand out from its peers in the industry.

  • Gift with a ribbon

    Customer appreciation gifts

    In today’s increasingly competitive global economy business gift giving has become almost critical as any company’s financial stability greatly depends on customer satisfaction and how customers feel they are being treated. John Ruhlin, the author of ‘Giftology: The Art and Science of Using Gifts to Cut Through the Noise, Increase Referrals, and Strengthen Retention’, writes in his book: “Gifts are symbols of the value you place on the relationship. When you act generously, people take notice. They’ll begin to feel appreciated, and in turn, they’ll want to pay it forward. It’s a natural inclination for us to want givers to succeed because we can appreciate the generosity that was shown to us.”

  • Rolled letter with a ribbon on top of it

    Thank you letters

    Today’s consumers routinely receive dozens of automated thank you emails from the brands they have relationships with. Most of them either get little notice or appear in trash folders without ever being read. An old-fashioned letter however, has much higher chances to get a customer’s attention and leave a lasting impression. Though thank you letters have become a rare business practice these days, they still remain a powerful marketing and customer retention tactic.

  • Ribbon award with star in center

    How to create a customer loyalty program

    Customer loyalty programs have become an integral part of almost any business’s marketing strategy. When implemented correctly, they are a great way to engage current customers, drive more band loyalty and improve customer retention. Not only do loyalty programs provide tangible benefits for businesses, they have also become an expected part of the consumer experience.

  • Support agent communicating with customer via live chat

    Customer communication

    Your chat lines are open, and notifications are flooding it. You need to respond to them and do so in the same way that a waitress does when serving her customers – timely and personal. Problem is your customer support agents are having difficulty doing the same.

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  • Two hands shaking

    How to get better customer service

    Getting customer service can often be a rather frustrating experience for consumers. While some companies are more customer-friendly and try to go out of their way to deliver outstanding service, others don’t seem to care much about pleasing their clients when it comes to customer support.

  • Tag with a sorry written on it

    How to politely decline

    Deep down, it’s in human nature to be liked and seek affirmation from others. Unfortunately, as hard as we try, sometimes we have to disagree or refuse to do something and say no to the person on the other side. This can be incredibly difficult for those people that fear backlash.

  • Open email with a tick

    How to respond to a customer request

    Communication with customers can make or break a business. On the one hand, the ability to communicate clearly and effectively leads to more satisfied customers, referrals, and better overall online image.

  • Sad face and a happy face

    How to handle customer complaints

    Dealing with an angry customer is no fun. They sit across from you with very hostile body language: the cross their arms, they give you short and curt replies, and they keep sighing as if the mere exercise of talking to you is exhausting. I remember being in such a situation back when I worked at Rush Essay. It’s easy to tell when a customer is getting angry or frustrated, and they typically get like that for a whole host of reasons. Some of those reasons make sense and are, quite frankly, justified. Some of them don’t make any sense at all. All the same, there’s one thing that will always remain true no matter how angry your customer is and for what reason they are angry. That is the fact that the customer is always right.

  • Opened gift with a discount inside of it

    How to apologize to a customer

    To apologize or not to apologize? It shouldn’t really be a question. So many people think that when sales reps make a sincere apology to a customer it means that they are admitting their business was at fault. Well, maybe their business or staff really were at fault.

  • Academy

    Customer feedback

    What is feedback? “Feedback is information or statements of opinion about something, such as a new product, that can tell you if it is successful or liked.” Cambridge Dictionary Why is customer feedback important? Positive customer feedback enables your brand to get recognized organically. For instance, through Google, social media, etc. The same applies to … Read More

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  • Pen and notepad

    How to conduct a customer survey

    We all know that customer satisfaction is essential to the survival of your business. But how do you find out whether your customers are satisfied or not? It’s very simple – just ask them!

  • Hand with 3 stars giving rating

    How to collect reviews

    For any and every business out there, collecting feedback from their customers is very important towards their growth. Feedback can help you improve your products/services and the way you treat your customers altogether.

  • Chat bubble with a star on top right corner

    How to collect testimonials

    Are you collecting customer feedback in your LiveAgent help desk? That’s great! Now, what do you do with it?

  • Chat and communication bubbles

    How to conduct customer interview

    Before you can head into the interview stage, you must first think about what makes good customer service. There’s a big miscommunication going on, because despite 80% of businesses believing they deliver outstanding customer service, only 8% of customers feel like they are receiving it. That’s a massive gap and one that companies need to start bridging.

  • Chart with growing trend trophy on top

    Set your customer service department up for success

    The holiday season can be one of the best and most profitable times of year for your company. It can also be a very challenging time for your customer service team, as they aim to respond to an increased number of calls, emails, and live chats. As customers make purchases in time for gift-giving holidays, it can also be a time of increased customer requests and heightened customer emotions. To make sure your company delivers at peak performance, we’ve put together some important steps you can take to set your Customer Service team up for success. Read on to learn which steps you need to take so your brand creates more happy, loyal customers this year.

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  • Tablet in the background and smartphone in front

    On-site vs Remote customer service

    The Internet made working remotely really easy. 70% of the global workforce works remotely at least once a week, IWG finds.

  • Conference site

    Customer service conferences and their impact on education

    Customer service and CX conferences are perfect for all customer service professionals who want to network with peers, learn about the latest trends, and get inspired by experts. But what else can customer service conferences give you and how are they related to education? Read this article to find out more.

  • Tall building on the left and small house on the right side

    In-house vs outsourced customer service

    Every business needs a proper customer support team. It is by far one of the most important departments within any company, even though some owners do not seem to realize that. Needless to say, it is never enough to just have it – you need to know how to successfully operate it.

  • Arrows pointing to different directions from central point

    Computer vs. Phone Customer Service

    Many managers think that if a person is on their phone, they must be procrastinating. In many cases, it’s true. But given the technological advancement of mobile phones these days, you can work on it.

  • open letter to customers

    Customer Service Roles

    Customer service representatives can be found in just about any business in nearly every industry. Their job duties as well as role titles can greatly vary depending on where they work and which responsibilities they are assigned. Since some customer service roles include functions that overlap, and the role titles may range from straightforward to hardly comprehensible, it might be challenging for businesses to choose the names for their service team members. The following article breaks down the most common job roles and titles in customer service and some factors to consider when picking the right name for customer service employees.

  • Letter with picture of agent and duties

    Customer service duties

    In a broad sense, customer service employees are supposed to interact with customers on behalf of an organization through various support channels available to them and resolve their issues quickly and effectively. Depending on the position and company requirements, however, customer service duties, functions and responsibilities may greatly vary – from responding to customer inquiries, troubleshooting tech problems and handling complaints to building strategies for improving the overall customer experience and fostering loyalty.

  • Communication bubbles

    Customer service resume

    With the rise of the digital age, more and more people are choosing to work in customer service. It’s a simple but well-paying job that has many benefits for those who are only joining the workforce and career switchers alike. Here’s how to become one of the many customer service workers.

  • Open notebook with pens on sides and light bulb in the middle

    Customer service interview

    Outstanding customer service naturally starts with exceptional customer service employees. Even with the best tools, systems, finely tuned processes and training in place, a company won’t be able to provide excellent service experience without having the right people in their customer service teams.

  • School building

    Customer service education

    Customer service education is a set of activities and procedures that every contact center should have to keep the quality of services and the satisfaction of customers at the highest level. Today, we have so many options for educational tools and platforms to select from, that it is a bad thing not to use them wisely. Let’s see why educational programs are so necessary.

  • Notebook with a wrench in front

    Help desk description

    The use of help desk software is becoming increasingly popular in many industries these days. No wonder the market for global help desk automation is expected to reach USD 11 billion by 2023, according to Market Research Future. Both large and small businesses have come to realize the numerous benefits the tool can provide in terms of improved customer service experience, increased customer satisfaction and support agent productivity. The following article is a quick introduction to help desk software, including help desk definition, history and major advantages for businesses.

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  • Gear wheel

    Features of help desk software

    While there are dozens of help desk software solutions available on the market today – ranging from simple tools with basic set of features to advanced systems – the majority of them commonly share three fundamental parts: ticket management, automation suite and analytics. Furthermore, many help desk software vendors provide additional capabilities such as built-in self-service options, multiple contact channels, CRM integration, sophisticated reporting, collaboration tools and more. Choosing the right help desk software depends on your business needs, specific requirements and the budget.

  • Customer service agent providing help

    Help desk vs Service desk

    Is there a clear distinction between help desks and service desks? As the information technology field rapidly expanded throughout the early 2000s, and most IT professionals were new to the industry and failed to recognize the difference between the ‘help desk’ and ‘service desk’ – thus, the terms were interchangeable.

  • CD drive and CD

    Help desk requirements for software

    Every business has its unique goals, customer service strategy, capabilities, and budget resources. Thus, the requirements for help desk software may significantly vary. While some systems include a basic feature set and may appeal only to a small market segment, others have an impressive array of features and advanced functionality that can be suited to every market’s needs.

  • Person asking question via live chat

    Free help desk software

    Even a help desk or support center needs help from time to time

  • Winning steps with flag on the first place

    Help desk best practices

    Every day a huge number of businesses, both large and small, in nearly any industry rely on help desk software to track and solve customer issues. The way help desk is implemented and managed ultimately determines whether an organization is able to effectively handle customer service operations, timely address customer queries and deliver a seamless support experience today’s consumers are looking for.

  • Open book with blank pages

    Customer service – User onboarding

    The success of customer activation and retention depends on how well your user onboarding creates successful users, and how well your support team can deal with tickets from those with setup issues.

  • Premade template

    Customer service templates

    High-quality customer service is an essential component of a successful business. It ensures brand loyalty and high customer retention rates, which are instrumental to growth and profitability.

  • Gear wheel in the middle of repeat symbol

    Customer service processes

    If you work with customers at any point during the sales cycle, you already know customer satisfaction is important to retaining the customer. How do you train your employees to ensure that they deliver a high standard of customer service and ultimately satisfaction for the customer?

  • Light bulb showcasing great idea

    Customer service management

    Do you think your product or service is the best thing about your company? There is a limit to how far you can go with an excellent product. It is a necessity but not a sufficient condition for long-term success. Why? Because it is just one part of the consumer purchase experience. Nowadays, you need to excel at it all. Only then can you attract and retain customers.

  • Queue of customer waiting in line

    Customer service queue

    Most of customer support teams will eventually come to a point where the volume of incoming support requests becomes greater than their ability to process them quickly and effectively. Though the never-ending flow of support tickets is generally a good sign indicating that a growing number of people are using a company’s products or services, their satisfaction largely depends on how fast your support agents are able to answer customer inquiries.

  • Thumbs up icon and a chat bubble

    Social media customer service

    In this day and age, consumers seem to be on the lookout for new brands and new ways to communicate with these brands. Ultimately, this creates new ways for potential customers to make all kinds of businesses realize their wants and needs.

  • Light bulb inside of the gear

    Free customer management software

    Strong customer management and support software are essential to the success of any business.

  • ticket in hand

    What is a ticketing system?

    A ticketing system is a software tool designed to organize and distribute incoming customer support requests. Find out more about the ticketing system here.

  • Ticket

    Free support ticketing software

    A tool that facilitates communication between companies and customers.

  • Question mark on top of the hand

    Why do you need a ticketing system?

    A huge number of organizations are still ignoring a ticketing system. This is mainly due to the lack of understanding of what ticketing can do.

  • Hand selecting the right solution

    How to choose a ticketing system – Checklist

    Below is an 8-step, ticketing system checklist to assist you in picking up the most appropriate ticket management system for your business.

  • Number one on the pedestal

    Ticketing system best practices

    Here are 12 ticket management tips and best practices you can adopt today to enhance your customer support Learn about best practices now.

  • Hand and a chat bubble interacting

    What is live chat software/support?

    Live chat software is a service that enables immediate customer support.

  • An open hand collecting plus points

    Benefits of live chat software

    Want to keep your customers delighted? Convenience is the key!

  • Chat bubbles

    Free live chat software for your website

    Choosing a live chat tool is necessary for most businesses today

  • Plus button

    How to add a live chat button to your website

    Since live chat has become an increasingly preferred customer service channel for a growing number of online consumers, having a live chat widget on a company website is almost a necessity for businesses of all sizes in nearly any industry. Not only does it allow you to offer quick and timely assistance to customers – when used strategically, it can greatly contribute to increasing engagement, boosting customer satisfaction and improving sales, while also reducing your customer support costs.

  • Roles

    Live chat etiquette for customer support

    Live chat etiquette is a manual of how to be polite in an online conversation

  • Open laptop

    What is a customer portal?

    The recent proliferation of self-service technologies has enabled today’s tech-savvy consumers to handle many product/ service issues on their own. In fact, being available 24/7, customer self-service portals are fast becoming a preferred option for a growing number or consumers to interact with companies. The most forward-thinking businesses have already recognized the numerous benefits of offering dedicated self-service portals to their customers.

  • Star and a checkmark

    Customer portal features

    A well-designed customer self-service portal brings all the company’s self-service options to a single place and allows consumers to easily find answers to most of their product or service questions on their own, at any time. Its functionality mostly depends on the industry and the type of company. The following article describes customer self-service portal features based on the example of LiveAgent’s customer portal software. Other customer portal software solutions available on the market today may include a different set of features and functionalities.

  • FAQ section

    How to design FAQ page

    FAQ’s are the most frequently used self-service options available today. When used strategically, a FAQ page can truly add value to consumers.

  • Open book with light bulb in the middle and two pens on sides

    How to create a Knowledge Base

    Did you know that 70% of people prefer to use the company’s website to find an answer rather than sending an email or call? While 51% of customers prefer technical support through a knowledge base. If you don’t have a knowledge base, you’re probably missing a lot of potential customers and opportunities to reduce your churn.

  • Open hand holding book full of knowledge

    Free knowledge base software

    Knowledge base proved to be one of the best ways to provide customer service

  • Chat bubbles and cloud in the background

    How to Create a Forum

    Customer forum is a prominent feature offered by many help desk software providers within their self-service portals.

  • Feedback bubble

    How to Create Feedback and Suggestions Board

    No one knows what works and what doesn’t work regarding your product or service better than your customers themselves.

  • Call center agent

    What is Call Center Software?

    Despite the increasingly growing popularity of self-service, live chat, and social media support channels; the phone still remains a preferred method of communication with businesses for a considerable number of consumers from all demographics.

  • Phone icon

    What is a Contact Center?

    Today’s digitally savvy consumers typically use an array of communication channels.

  • Question mark and a phone icon

    How a Call Center Works

    Phone still tops the charts as the most used and preferred method for consumers to reach support teams of companies they engage with. Read how to use it.

  • Two arrows pointing at the same direction

    Inbound vs Outbound Call Center

    When it comes to call centers, there are basically two types – inbound and outbound call centers – both using advanced software to improve the efficiency of operations and maximize the effectiveness and productivity of the agents working in a call center.

  • Headset with microphone

    Free Call Center Software

    Implementing the call center software does not have to cost hundreds of bucks

  • Light bulb and a gear

    Top Call Center Industry Standard Metrics

    Measuring and analyzing call center key performance indicators is critical when accessing the effectiveness and efficiency of call center activities and operations.

  • Ruler

    Call Center Setup – Design & Structure

    Set up your call center with these design and functional ideas.

  • Blank sheet and ruler

    Call Center Management

    Successful call center management requires much more than scheduling agents to answer customer calls-

  • Lock

    Call Center Compliance

    A call center software is a product that is meant to take care of the business phone conversations, and that is what we specialize in at LiveAgent. It is possible to use the software to perform outgoing calls, attend incoming calls, track various parameters about each call, and provide automated scripts for the team. Even with the presence of different communication channels like live chat and social media, the phone remains an integral part of business communication. Yet, there are a couple of challenges that are associated with the call center software and every user needs to be aware of the same.

  • Checklist

    Call Center Audit Checklist

    Wanna know how to do a call center audit? Below is a basic call center audit checklist you can use in your own audit process.

  • Open hand collecting the diamond

    What is Customer Value?

    A study by Gartner found that most solution providers focus too much on product features and technology, rather than the benefits. What consumers really want from organizations is understanding the real value the product promises to deliver.

  • Chart with stagnating trend

    Top 20 Customer Metrics To Measure

    Measuring the efficiency of your customer service with these metrics

  • Pie chart with selected segment

    Customer Service Reports

    Customer service reports provide businesses with a full overview of all customer service requests.

  • Academy

    Automated customer service

    What is automated customer service? Automated customer service is a process that allows you to assist without the participation of an agent. What does that mean? Well, specific actions within customer support are automated. For instance, you can easily save agents and customers’ time by creating automated emails for registration or forgotten password. By automating … Read More

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