Chapter 1 - Introduction To Customer Service Academy

In introduction we talk about basic terminology and examples from customer service industry before jumping into practical knowledge in following chapters. 

Read how did we came up with idea of this academy and why we believe customer service is important, but often underestimated.

Customer service is connected to using multi-channel software that helps you to automate most of the repetitive tasks and stay human in the same time.

Customer experience describes overall feelings of customers during the communication with businesses and the quality of customer service is usually key factor of customer satisfaction.

Good customer service is often connected to very personal and polite contact with customers, but it might not be enough. Learn how to provide outstanding customer service, even when you made a mistake.

Poor customer service is often caused by inability to help customers, nervous communication tone or lack of customer care. This leads to losing your customers and negative feedback being spread all over the internet.

Before jumping to the main part of this academy, we provide the best collection of customer support quotes, jokes and stories. They might have smaller educational value compared to the rest of this project, however they underline the importance of customer service even more. If you thought that this job is only about boring tasks, read further. 

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Chapter 2 - Theoretical pillars of customer service industry

Theoretical part is necessary for understanding what is important and how it should be measured. There are practical examples on each topic in this chapter for better understanding.

Customer driven culture is the main requirement for companies that are looking to improve their customer satisfaction. It's impossible to separate your customer service department from the rest of the operations that are happening inside your business. Therefore, you need to make sure your customers gets enough attention and resources and that might be a tricky task.

Customer service and customer support are often used as synonyms to describe serving your customers in any possible way. While they are pretty close to each other, learn the key differences and proper way how they should be used in your business.

Compared to previous terms, customer retention and customer loyalty are known to be different terms, but also very closely connected. While customer retention is more of a calculated metric of your recurring customers, customer loyalty is an advocacy towards your brand that is very hard to measure in any way.

There is not a better way to describe healthy business than with high level of customer satisfaction. This phrase become buzzword online, while it's often thrown into the discussion without looking at context.

If you want to provide excellent customer support, you need to segment your customers and their requests. As famous quote says not all customers are equal, you will find yourself spending different amount of time on various customers. Learn how to use customer segmentation to your advantage.

Customer psychology is trendy topic, especially in the conversion optimization process. There are numerous variables in customer buying process and psychology is one of the most important ones. Moreover, if impulsive purchases are more common than ever.

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Chapter 3 - Soft skills and their importance in customer service

Customer service software is important to be quick and effective. However, your soft skills are what makes customer service your secret brand manager, free of charge.

Any contact with customer creates an interaction between seller and buyer which impacts overall decisions of both parties. There are numerous best practices, which are recommended to follow if you want to have success and in this article we will take a closer look at them.

There are different skills that are important for various jobs and it's the same for customer support. Compared to other technical roles connected to IT, these roles needs to combine both hard skills of the industry with plenty of soft skills.

Customer incentives are great way how to motivate your customers for better satisfaction. You have use them wisely to make sure they don't backfire on your business. Learn how.

One of the hardest tasks is to turn someone with bad experience into happy customer and your brand ambassador. However, if you will be successful, these people tend to spread the positive word of mouth the most out of all your customers. We will give you great tips how to do this. 

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