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Support automation

Are you tired of losing time on redundant daily support tasks?

These repetitive processes can drain your agents’ time and company resources too.

Did you know that..

86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience.

Therefore, it is essential to reduce repetitive tasks by support automation to create efficient and effective customer service.

What is support automation?

Support automation is the customer assistance provided by AI or software, which predominantly automates the workflow management process. For instance, automation rules allow your service desk agents to focus on more crucial tasks. As a result, customer service automation can enhance your employees’ productivity while at the same time strengthen customer relationships.

Benefits of support automation

Increased customer satisfaction

Businesses can generally increase their productivity and focus on customers that require special assistance by automating redundant daily tasks. As a result, the response times are better, and customers are happier. 

Improved employee productivity

Customer support automation enables your agents to be present and focus on crucial daily tasks. A quality support automation software allows you to distribute customer inquires according to your needs which ultimately improves your business processes. The help desk features such as rules and reports both contribute to the improved ticket resolution time and improved productivity without the need for constant supervising. 

Spending less money

Support automation can save your brand not only time but money too. Due to process automation, you do not have to hire extra employees. Instead, you can create automation in a system and generate more profit for less.

How to set up support automation?

To set up support automation, you need an effective and efficient help desk automation tool. Of course, the tool you choose depends on the preferences and needs of your business. For instance, if you have a call center, it makes sense that you are looking for support automation for a tool with automated features such as automatic callback, IVR, call transfers, etc.

However, if you are looking for a complete support automation solution, help desk software, such as LiveAgent, is the right choice for your business. Help desk software is a customer service system that tracks customer inquiries on multiple platforms, creates reports, automates repetitive unnecessary tasks/processes, and more. In addition, LiveAgent is a help desk system that offers various subscriptions, depending on your business goals.

However, before choosing a help desk solution, you need to consider if the system offers helpful support automation features. Here are some of the LiveAgent’s automation features;

Time Rules

The time rules is a help desk automation feature that is triggered by time rather than action. For instance, your business can set a time rule that sends a follow-up email after 48 hours. 


LiveAgent also offers the rules feature, which enables your brand to automate processes, such as; resolving tickets, ticket transfers, adding tags, and more.  


The interactive voice response is an automated phone system, which gathers and provides information to customers. The system interacts with callers and then proceeds to execute appropriate/requested action. For instance, it can;

  • connect a client to the appropriate department
  • offer a callback if the line is too long

As a result, your company can improve response times and reduce call transfers simply by automating the call support process. 

Automatic Callback

The automatic callback function is one of the call center features that allows your customers to request a callback whenever the queue is too long and there are no available agents. As a result, you can prevent customer frustration, create a smooth agent workflow, and improve the overall customer experience. 

Automated ticket distribution 

The automated ticket distribution is a feature that ensures that each of your customer service representatives receives an optimal load of ticket requests. The optimal ticket load differs from company to company. LiveAgent allows you to set your optimal, preferred ticket load for your team with four different routing options: average or max utilization, ring to all, and random assignment. 

All of these features allow you to automate redundant support processes.

So, how can you set up support automation features inside LiveAgent?

You can set up assignment rules and notification rules in the rule configuration screen in LiveAgent in just a few minutes. Check out our extensive webinar to learn more. 

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If you have any issues setting up automation features inside LiveAgent, do not hesitate to contact our customer support for assistance. 

Improvement of support automation


Automate email forwarding

A quality customer service system can automatically forward all your emails into one platform, where it sorts them out. Thus, you can have all customer inquiries in one place. In addition, the system has a set of features that enable your agents to view all the customer details from CRM right inside the ticket. Moreover, you can set emails for ticket rating so you can get feedback right away. 

Create ticket organization

Disorganized customer inquiries can be detrimental to any brand. A proper help desk system that includes automation features enables you to create tags that can quickly provide an excellent ticket organization for your agents. Moreover, tags play a huge role in setting support automation processes. For instance, if you have a ticket with an URGENT tag, you can set a rule, which automatically prioritizes these inquiries for your agents. 

Don’t over automate 

The most important tip to improve your support automation is don’t overdo it. As much as you are trying to reduce the human intervention to create a fully automated business, too much automation can be contra-productive. Don’t get us wrong automated workflows can eliminate repetitive tasks and consequently improve customer inquiry resolution times. However, customers do not want to talk to robots all the time. Always make sure you think of your customers first and only automate reasonable and helpful processes to your niche. 

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Are you ready to automate repetitive support processes?

LiveAgent is help desk software that automates, tracks, and reports. Try out all the features and improve your customer service immediately.

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