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Rules are special rules that are “action triggered”. Rules create predefined actions that are automatically assigned to Tickets. If the Rule’s conditions are met, the action is performed.

Rules are most commonly used for transferring specific Tickets to certain Departments, adding Tags, marking Tickets as Spam, resolving Tickets, etc.

Example 1: In LiveAgent, you can setup a Rule to automatically transfer all tickets containing the word “payment” to a certain department.

Example 2: Rules can also be used for marking spam emails or automatically deleting them.

Rules can be applied when:

  • A Ticket is created from email
  • A Ticket is created
  • A Ticket’s status changes
  • A Ticket is transferred
  • An Offline message group is added
  • An Agent is rated
  • A Ticket’s tags changes

List of conditions for Rules:

  • Subject
  • From
  • Carbon copy
  • Blind carbon copy
  • To
  • Body
  • Ticket status
  • Ticket created (date)
  • Ticket changed (date)
  • Ticket deleted
  • Ticket start referrer URL
  • Ticket priority
  • Last message
  • Assigned agent status
  • Custom field
  • Ticket department
  • Ticket assigned to
  • Customer group
  • Created from invitation
  • Ticket tags

List of actions of Rules:

  • Transfer ticket
  • Resolve ticket
  • Delete ticket
  • Change ticket priority
  • Change SLA level
  • Mark as spam
  • Mark as not spam
  • Purge ticket
  • Send answer
  • Change ticket subject
  • Call URL
  • Add tag
  • Remove tag
  • Send mail to
  • Stop other rules
  • HTTP request

Example of Rule

This Rule will add the tag “Reward” when the agent is rated and (agent rating type is Reward).

Rules in action

If a Rule is applied, the change is displayed in a Ticket detailed view. This is to ensure clear responsibility for ticket handling. Both Admins and Agents can see the changes.

Applied rule

How are Rules different from Time Rules and SLA Rules?

  • Time Rules are time conditional.
  • SLA Rules can be applied only to SLA setup and are bound to SLA Levels.
  • Rules provide the widest range of actions out of all available rules in LiveAgent.

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