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Time rules

Time Rules are special Rules that are not “action triggered”, but instead are time conditional. Time Rules run in the background in intervals (usually every minute) and check if the conditions are met. If the result is positive, the rule is executed.

Time Rules are most commonly used for clean up tasks, sending email reminders, resolving Tickets that have not had activity in a while, adding tags, etc.

Example 1In LiveAgent, you can setup a Time Rule to send an automatic reply to a customer after 24 hours.

Example 2Time rules can also be used in a scenario when a Ticket is not resolved within a specific period of time.

Time Rules can be applied when:

  • A Ticket is older than + time (days, hours, minutes)
  • A Ticket’s status change is older than + time (days, hours, minutes)
  • A Ticket is due in less than + time (days, hours, minutes)
  • A Ticket is overdue more than + time (days, hours, minutes)

New Time Rule

List of conditions for Time Rules:

  • Ticket status
  • Ticket created (date)
  • Ticket changed (date)
  • Ticket deleted
  • Ticket start referrer URL
  • Ticket priority
  • Ticket department
  • Ticket assigned to
  • Customer group
  • Ticket tags

List of actions of Time Rules:

  • Transfer ticket
  • Resolve ticket
  • Delete ticket
  • Change ticket priority
  • Change SLA level
  • Mark as spam
  • Mark as not spam
  • Purge ticket
  • Send answer
  • Change ticket subject
  • Call URL
  • Add tag
  • Remove tag
  • Send mail to
  • Stop other rules
  • HTTP request

Example of Time Rule

This Time Rule will delete Tickets marked as SPAM which are older than 90 days.

Time Rule Example

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