Ticket priority

What is a ticket priority?

Each ticket is assigned a priority based on its SLA level. If you haven’t set up SLA levels, LiveAgent assigns priority automatically by “first come first served”. Priorities are used to generate views and reports and are also used as conditions and actions in automations and triggers and as actions in Rules.

LiveAgent ticket priority feature

Frequently asked questions

What is a ticket priority?

The priority of the ticket indicates the order in which we should process the tickets. Should a given ticket be processed as soon as possible, or can it wait. The most common are Urgent, High, Medium or Low depending on the content, requesting nature or any property depending on the company.


What is the ticket priority used for?

Ticket priority is used to determine the order of work, generate views and reports, but also as conditions and actions in automations and triggers, and as actions in rules. 


What are the advantages of using a ticket priority?

It definitely facilitates the work and makes the tickets transparent and the order of handling is clear. 


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