Customer Experience Software

Customer experience software plays a key role in collecting, organizing, and tracking customer feedback in a modern-day business.

Using a customer experience software can dramatically improve the relationship you have with your customers because it lets you respond to them quickly and effectively. By analyzing the data you collect through this software, it can also impact your ongoing marketing and business development strategies.

LiveAgent is a fully-featured customer experience software that helps you bring personalization to your customer interactions. It combines all of your communication channels – email, live chat, calls, and social media – into a shared company inbox, and provides an all-in-one help desk solution.

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What is Customer Experience Software?

Customer experience (also called CX) is defined as the total sum of experiences that your customers have when interacting with your company or brand. Customer experience is an incredibly important part of successful businesses because most customers expect to have a personal relationship with the brands they interact with.

Responding quickly and effectively to customer queries, suggestions, and complaints is therefore critical. Unfortunately, most businesses have to manage an increasingly large number of communication channels. For this reason, a customer experience software is a necessity for most brands. Yet, it’s still underestimated and companies are still using Outlook for managing their shared mailboxes.

Advanced Customer Experience Software

Customer experience software like LiveAgent provides you with a way of combining all of your customer interactions into an integrated, seamless system. It improves the customer’s experience at all stages of their purchase journey, because it allows direct communication between your customers and your staff.  

Typically, customer experience software makes use of a ticketing system in which individual user queries are logged and then queued for a response. Advanced systems like LiveAgent can combine many different communication channels into one ticketing system, streamlining all of your customer interactions.

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What Are The Key Parts of the Best Customer Experience Management Software?

When choosing a customer experience software, it’s important to take note of the key features it offers. Here is what you should expect:

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Built in CRM System

The best Customer Experience Software comes with a built-in CRM. LiveAgent uses a CRM system to integrate all of the information you have on a particular customer.

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Reporting and Analytics

In order to help you, the best customer experience software provides you with tools to track your success in responding to customer queries. LiveAgent provides a fully-featured analytics package.

Connect favourite VoIP provider and contacts

Hybrid Ticket Stream

The best customer experience systems combine all communication channels into one unified inbox. LiveAgent does this using a hybrid ticket stream.


Gamification Features

Customer experience software is not only about your customers. That’s why LiveAgent comes with gamification features that you can use to recognize and acknowledge your staff. 

Benefits of Focusing on Customer Experience

There are many reasons as to why it is important to focus on customer experience, but these are the most important:

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Personalize Experiences

The most fundamental reason for focusing on customer experience is that today more than ever before, customers expect a great experience with the brands they interact with. Instead of just looking for great products, your customers want a personal relationship with you.

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Increase Profitability

Focusing on customer experience can improve your profitability up to 32%. Responding to customers quickly and politely can often make the difference between a customer making a purchase or opting to purchase a similar product elsewhere. 

Recover missing details

See Areas of Improvement

Using a customer experience software to manage your customer interactions can provide data that directly impacts your business planning. By using a software like LiveAgent, you can easily see trends in your interactions with your customers, and highlight any areas you need to improve.


Make It Easier on Your Team

Think about your hardworking staff. Customer service can be a difficult, complex job, and a piece of software that makes it easier offers a huge value to your business.

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Measuring Customer Experience

One of the major advantages of a customer experience management software is the ability to measure how well you are communicating with your customers. Whilst standalone pieces of customer experience measurement software exist, the best approach for most businesses is to use an integrated system like LiveAgent.

Using LiveAgent, you can quickly compile a number of metrics that give you an overview of how effective your customer service is. Here are the most important ones:

Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty

Recommen-dation Score

The most basic is your Recommendation Score. By asking customers if they would recommend your business to a friend, you can get a snapshot of how well you are serving them.

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Satisfaction Score

A more complex approach is to compile data on your Customer Satisfaction score (CSAT) via an automated survey that asks customers for feedback across several areas.

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Customer Churn Rate

Customer churn rate is another important measure that can give you information on the number of customers who stopped buying your products over a specific period of time. 

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Resolution Time & FCR

Make sure you measure the average time that it takes for tickets to be resolved. First contact resolution (FCR) is a subset of your resolution time, but in this metric, you are looking at how many customers had their query resolved at the first attempt.  

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Choosing Customer Experience Software

There are many factors to consider when determining which customer experience software is right for you. With so many customer experience software solutions on the market, it is easy to become overwhelmed. 

When choosing a customer experience management software, there are three main things to consider:

What Are Your Requirements?

As with any business decision, you should start by thinking through exactly what you need from your software. Though customer satisfaction should be your goal, different software solutions will offer you different ways of achieving this. 

If your requirements include analytical packages, an integrated ticketing system, and a built-in CRM, then LiveAgent is the right choice for you. It has all the mentioned features by default.

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Have You Done Your Research?

New customer experience management software are emerging in the marketplace constantly. Because of this, it is important to invest in a piece of software that suits your business needs – not just the size of your company, but also the particular requirements of your sector.

Research is key here. Take a look at some of our guides outlining business and industry sectors to find out if LiveAgent is suitable for your business type or industry.

Did You Compare Alternatives?

Based on your list of requirements and your research into the customer experience software market, you should be in a good position to compare different solutions for your needs. There are plenty of review sites (CapterraG2CrowdGetAppTrustpilot) that will give you a detailed customer experience management software comparison. Take your time to compare the key features of the various pieces of software available.

When you do this, you will notice that different pieces of software have very different features. 

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Need a better CX management software?

If you are looking for the best customer experience management software out there at the moment, give LiveAgent a try.

LiveAgent is the most reviewed and #1 rated help desk software for SMB in 2020. Stay closer to your customers and help them faster with LiveAgent.

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LiveAgent combines excellent live chat, ticketing and automation that allow us to provide exceptional support to our customers.

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