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What is a Chat button?

Live Chat is a perfect way to provide quality customer service. Chat buttons enable clients to request a chat with a customer representative in a moment. It can be placed anywhere on a website. It is easy to set it up. LiveAgent offers you many different designs of buttons. You can customize and create them yourself too. 

What are the benefits?

  • Customer retention
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Saves time of the customer and agent
  • Saves money
  • Increases sales
  • Resolves problems faster
  • Leverage against competitors

How is LiveAgent going to affect your speed?

Having a button for chatting that is supposed to better your website but at the same time slowing it down can be dreadful. LiveAgent Chat button does not influence your website’s speed. Thus, you can only benefit from using it. 

If you would like to gain more insights, here is a great article/study on: How do different chat widgets impact site performance

What types of Chat buttons are in LiveAgent?

  1. Adjustable buttons such as; Bubble, Slide, Corner, Inline
  2. Custom image button
  3. Custom HTML button
Customizable chat buttons in LiveAgent
Adjustable buttons
Custom chatting buttons in LiveAgent
592Image/HTML buttons

How to create a Chat button in LiveAgent?

  1. Log in to LiveAgent account
  2. Click on Configuration
  3. Select ChatChat buttons
  4. Click on the orange plus button icon
Steps to create a Chat button in LiveAgent

If you would like to have a personalized Chat button, click on Custom and submit your HTML code/image.

How to customize your Live Chat button?

After choosing the preferred type of a button, you will be able to customize it in the next steps.

Edit Chat buttons in LiveAgent

Let’s take a look at the available customizable options:

Online button:

In this section, you can create your preferable design of the button.

Here you can easily decide:

  • Position
  • Colors
  • Animation
  • Hover effect
  • option to customize it for the phone devices
  • Z-index: This will help you set up the button for a preferable position on your website. Example: if you would like to have the button before a footer, this is where you will set it.

Chat window:

After customizing the online button, you can design your chat window too.

Here are things you can alter:

  • Colors
  • Title
  • Welcome message/hide welcome message
  • Style
  • Size of the chat window
  • Hide start chat again button
  • Enable leaving an offline message
  • Z-index
  • Position
  • Custom CSS
Edit chat window in LiveAgent

If you would like to read more head to Chat window docking.

Offline button:

This button will be activated if no one is available to chat with the customer.

Again, you can fully customize this button for your company’s needs.

Features you can customize:

  • Animation
  • Position
  • Z-index
  • Appearance on mobile phones
  • Colors
Edit offline button for chatting in LiveAgent

Contact form:

Customizing your contact form enables the customers to get in touch with you through your website. We have created an extensive guide with every feature specifically for Contact forms. If you would like to know more, read Contact forms.

How to add a Live Chat button to your website from LiveAgent?

There is an Integration section where you can find the code that needs to be implemented on your website. We strongly advise you to ask a web admin in your company to implement the code. After the implementation, any change will be automatically saved without a need to change the code again.

How to add a Live chat button in LiveAgent?
*example code*

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