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Canned messages (Macros)

Replying to the customers personally is of course very valued but it’s not always convenient. Writing the same reply over and over to customers can be time consuming and lacks efficiency. That’s why Canned messages can save you some time and you can use that to write replies to inquiries which do not repeat themselves.

Example given: Daisy receives a ticket from a customer. It talks about a common issue with their software. A solution to this issue is simple. Instead of typing a reply, she uses a canned message informing the customer how to solve the issue. 

Canned messages enable you to quickly answer common demands with a standard reply. They allow you to speed up your response by using a predefined sequence of text.

How are Canned messages different from Predefined answers?

  • Canned messages can only store a short sequence of text
  • When creating a Predefined answer you can define the subject of an email

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