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LiveAgent is extremely flexible, adaptable, and scalable. See how other businesses utilize the vast amount of advantages that LiveAgent provides.

Solve "everything customer service"

LiveAgent combines all customer support channels into one universal inbox. Never miss an email, never work on the same email, always keep track. Connect your emails, setup chat, integrate Twitter and Facebook, setup a phone line - all routing to LiveAgent where your customer service reps are equipped with state of the art tools.

+Effectivity +Customer Satisfaction

Increase Response Speed

Providing lightning fast reponses to your customers' questions can easily tip the scales in your favour. Even a few minutes wait for an answer can be crucial when it comes to finishing an order.

+Efficiency +Speed

Shared Mailbox

Shared mailbox is a great way for teams to monitor and send emails from a common email address, like It works in the same way as your normal email account but is managed by several people in your organization.

+Effectivity +Transparency

Decrease Ticket Load

By utilising the Customer Portal or just the Knowledge Base and providing useful answers on your website, you can decrease the number of tickets created by customers asking the same questions over and over. PS: Did you know that 80% of customers look for an answer online before contacting customer service?

-Ticket Load +Efficiency

Social Listening

Listen to your customers on the most popular social networks like Facebook or Twitter and stay 1 step ahead of your competitors. Private messages or tweets are transformed into tickets so your customer service representatives can answer them from the same dashboard as they reply to regular email tickets.

+Competitive Advantage +Coolness

Increase Conversion Rate by 27%

Research shows that adding a live chat on your website can lift your conversion rate by 27% on average. Depending on your industry, this number can be even in the 3-digits sphere. With live chat's marginal costs, it's definitely a no brainer to give it a try.

+Conversion Rate

Decrease Shopping Cart Abandonment

By providing real time help during the check out process, you can decrease the shopping cart abandonment rate by double digits and increase your conversion rate.

+Conversion Rate -Abandonment Rate

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