Kwik Charger

Kwik Charger

The Kwik Charger was originally born in New York when new technical breakthroughs in the mobile industry made it possible for newer iPhones to be charged at rapid rates.

After thousands of hours of research, development, and certification, we were able to bring the Kwik Charger to life for everyone who was interested in a faster charge. In 2014, our product finally passed the rigorous gamut of tests to be internationally certified at every single level.

“It’s very pleasant to hear that the support staff likes working with LiveAgent and there are no major complaints whatsoever when it comes to usability and general experience with our solution.”

This product is dedicated to all the people who realize their battery is low and then stand by waiting impatiently for their phone to charge 1% at a time. We hope that this product makes the same difference in your lives as it does in ours. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any comments, questions, or success stories using it!

The young startup company quickly realized that Gmail is just not cutting it anymore, and they desperately need to step-up their customer service game. Luckily, LiveAgent was around to provide everything Kwickcharger needed to deliver excellence. In March of 2016, the decision was made – let’s go full steam ahead and implement a top notch help desk solution.

Using LiveAgent Took Our Customer Service To The Next Level

Having fast, accessible, and pleasant customer support is an absolute must-have. This statement resonates even more if your core business is built around the Apple product ecosystem, a company which delivers arguably the best customer experience in the world. Customers simply expect the same level of quality even from bold accessories makers like Kwikcharger.

Kwikcharger currently has 38 agents working on support and serving more than 46,000 customers from 127 countries (!). What’s even more impressive is the shear number of tickets that Kwikcharger’s representatives reply to every single month – nearly 15,000… which is nothing short of impressive. Email is still their main support channel, however they are really putting our call center feature to good use, with more than 1,300 calls every month.

Live chat is yet another growing source of inquiries with more than 600 chat sessions each month.

Running an ecommerce business on a global scale is crazy challenging. Still, according to LiveAgent’s built in ranking system, Kwikcharger achieved customer satisfaction levels at exactly 73.22%. Also, let’s not forget about the fact that Kwikcharger’s support team works around the clock; 24/7.

We asked Kwikcharger what has changed after the deployment of LiveAgent. “It helped us to improve our service and workflow. We can be more organized and still have a complete overview of each agent’s’ performance. Plus it keeps all inquiries in one place. And let’s not forget about the advanced analytics.” Said Min Chou. “When it comes to features, we love using tags, being able to clearly define responsibilities and then do complex reporting.” Min Chou added.

That’s great for now, but what about future challenges? Kwikcharger never cuts corners, and is setting challenging yet clear goals for the company’s support. What lies ahead then?

“Our goal is to implement a faster and better customer support experience, that is able to reply within a few hours after getting the inquiry and also have 24/7 full coverage on Phones & Chats, not just tickets.”

We wish you all the luck in the world! You have all the tools you need to achieve what you want.

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