What is Slack?

Slack is a free cloud-based team collaboration tool that allows users to exchange text messages and files in real-time. It basically acts as a company messenger with additional features that enable users to search for messages, connect third party applications, or conduct phone and video calls.

How can you benefit from using Slack at work?

Using Slack is very beneficial because:

  • Using it declutters your email inbox
  • It grants you almost immediate responses from your colleagues
  • You can view all your colleague’s contact information from one place
  • You can save messages and files for later
  • You can create reminders about messages
  • You can send messages to yourself (so you don’t forget ideas or tasks)

How can you benefit from connecting Slack with LiveAgent?

By connecting your LiveAgent account with Slack, you’ll be able to receive automatic notifications inside a designated Slack channel for:

  • Any new tickets received in LiveAgent
  • Any opened tickets (whenever you receive an answer from a customer)
  • All closed tickets
  • Setting rules

Therefore, by connecting Slack with LiveAgent, you can receive notifications about new tickets or changed ticket statuses even when you don’t have your LiveAgent dashboard open. Slack will remind you in your designated channel, and you’ll know it’s time to answer some customer service questions.

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