Subscribe helpdesk contacts to your mailing lists directly in LiveAgent.

What is Mailchimp ?

MailChimp is an email marketing service provider, founded in 2001. It is a web-based application, although data can be downloaded and for some features there is an offline application. It has 3.5 million users that collectively send over 4 billion emails a month through the service. Mailchimp can be easily integrated with LiveAgent.

How it works ?

Connecting Mailchimp with LiveAgent will allow you to subsribe and unsubscribe contacts to your email marketing lists directly from the ticket interface. Subscribing contacts is easy, however an opt-in email is required and your contact has to confirm the subscription.


Mr. Marsellus Wallace is a very active and curious customer. You want to keep him up-to-date with everything regarding LiveAgent. By activating Mailchimp plugin, you can subscribe him to any of your current email lists. He receives an email, confirms his subscription and vuala, you can start sending him newsletters !

How to integrate Mailchimp with LiveAgent ?

First, you need to have an active Mailchimp account. If you do, activate Mailchimp plugin in the LiveAgent Plugins section. Hit configure and copy your Mailchimp’s API. Confirm and start subsribing !








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