WebSupport is the largest provider of hosting services and domain registrar in Slovakia and is progressively expanding in Austria, Czech Republic and Hungary. WebSupport handles around 95,139 domains of its 70,854 customers.

“It has immediately become clear, that switching to LiveAgent was the right decision.”

WebSupport replaced OTRS and Livechatoo by LiveAgent in July, 2012.

Martin Baca, Chief Customer Officer at WebSupport says: “We used two different tools for e-mails and chats. Individual customer queries were “scattered” in 2 separate applications, and we couldn’t effectively pinpoint previous communication. After extensive analysis and testing of several helpdesk tools we decided to go with LiveAgent.”

Comparison and improvements

By integrating the two most used communication channels (emails and chats) into a single interface and finally being able to easily create a knowledgebase, WebSupport’s support team increased its effectivity by 47%. Having everything under one roof and ability to easily search in communication history and move tickets between departments were the most valued improvements compared to their previous solution.

Hi, I am Jakub Tomiš, team leader of customer support in web support. We are biggest provider of web hosting services and registrar of domains in Slovakia. I am responsible for customer support team consisting of sixteen support heroes, supporting more than 55.000 customers. We could not effectively solve customer queries in two different services for emails and chats. That make solving of customer queries much more easier.

We solve around 5.000 chats, 2.000 Calls and 6.000 emails per month. LiveAgent sorts tickets by priority, so our agents do not need to handpick them. We use LiveAgent also for internal communication, for example if there is some query for marketing, we easily can transfer to them and then wait for the response. We take each ticket, so when month ends, we can say which type of issue was the most common in the month.

There are so many different functions in LiveAgent. Every time when we want to set something, there is some solution. One of our core values is to go one step further and LiveAgent helps us to deliver that to our customers. Customer satisfaction is one of our highest priorities and LiveAgent really helps us to make it as high as possible.

Martin adds: “Due to the ever-growing support team I can not imagine existence without LiveAgent’s ticket distribution, i.e. automated task delegation to agents. The integration of knowledge base directly in the helpdesk software and functions linked to it – article recommendation based on ticket body keywords is a huge plus as well.”

“LiveAgent’s ticket distribution has dramatically increased performance of our support reps.”

LiveAgent helps Websupport to deliver quality support and improve accessibility thanks to sophisticated management of chats, distribution of tickets, comprehensive statistics, and other new tools that are added regularly.

How does WebSupport measure customer satisfaction?

WebSupport evaluates overall customer satisfaction by using multifactor. Under the motto “You can not manage what you do not measure” they set parameters (KPI) that they want to follow and by which they are able measure whether they improve or not. By using LiveAgent and Nicereply they’re able to quantify the parameters needed for their KPI formula. They focus mainly on quality and accessibility.

“We defined KPI as the average rating from Nicereply, the percentage of unanswered calls, average length queue on chat, average time to answer tickets and my favorite – “something extra”. We always try to improve a client’s day by going the extra mile and LiveAgent helps us in doing that” Martin says.

WebSupport calculates the percentage fulfillment of individual goals and makes the weighed average. The result is a single number that reflects what efficiency they have made over the previous period, where x represents achieving milestones and w is weight (priority), that this variable represents.

“Measuring customer satisfaction would be impossible without LiveAgent.”

It is important to have these statistics kept in sight. We have a dedicated board, where the results from past month are displayed. In the future we want to move this to even a higher level and make a dashboard with real-time results for the current period.

“Last but not least, we’ve often had unconventional requirements for new functionality in LiveAgent, which they willingly incorporated. This is exactly how I imagine a successful partnership with the supplier of one of the most crucial tools for our business.”

“LiveAgent helps us to achieve both our objectives: Quality and Availability”


Martin Bača – Chief Customer Officer @ WebSupport

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