SolidTrust Pay

SolidTrust Pay

SolidTrust Pay is an e-wallet payment system that supports companies needing both to receive payments from, and pay out. SolidTrust has grown to encompass every country in the world. SolidTrust offers its merchants and members the necessary flexibility including transactions by card products, bank transfers, bank wires, real time online banking and cheques.

“Switching to LiveAgent has been a major step forward.”

SolidTrust Pay + LiveAgent

SolidTrust Pay was looking for a more modern software that was able to meet the demand of their ticket volume and provide all of the features they were looking for – chat, tickets, and a comprehensive knowledge base. In researching their options, they found Live Agent to provide all of the features they were looking for, along with some new and exciting features for a great price. They were also pleased that we were able to contact LiveAgent support 24 hours/ day.

What has changed after implementation of LiveAgent

“We now have a complete support center integrated to our site. We are also able to receive voice calls directly from our support center. Customers are now able to create their own support account to view/ manage their own tickets quickly and easily.”

Most favorite features

We enjoy the detailed, current agent reports. Supervisory staff enjoy being able to see each agents productivity at all times. Customers are able to create a support profile of their own including a photo of themselves – this has allowed us to create a more personal contact with our clients.

We also enjoy having the option to translate tickets within the system rather than having to copy and paste the ticket body to another online translator.

Customers’ feedback

Our support staff enjoys the Reward/Rebuke feature. Being rewarded by customers has been a definite factor in employees feeling appreciated by customers and being able to see negative comments has also allowed staff to see how they are able to improve.

SolidTrust Pay’s goals

STP’s goals are to provide fast, efficient, and comprehensive support to their customers and also to ensure a positive user experience while they browse their knowledge base articles or require agent assistance.

“Receiving customers’ feedback is a crucial, if we want to succeed.”

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