Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro

Quality Unit has been founded way back in 2004. First product that it developed was your beloved Post Affiliate Pro. It’s is an affiliate software that runs an entire affiliate program from top to bottom. As time went by the software become more complex, feature rich and demand for it has been reaching sky high limits.

“We realized that we cannot stand still and to succeed we would need to provide not just software but whole experience.”

This simple thought became seed that has grown into LiveAgent – Quality Unit’s magnum opus in customer service space.

Post Affiliate Pro itself was the reason LiveAgent became a thing. Employees needed an effective and easy to use tool to respond to customer queries. So development of LiveAgent Helpdesk software begun. 

Suddenly, Quality Unit’s customer satisfaction rates were sky high. Support agents were grateful for having a good piece of software to provide answers and founders realized they are up to something. Company has been enjoying benefits of coexistence of these two flagship products ever since.

Making your customers satisfied is essential. There is no better way to show that you are willing to go an extra mile that personal contact. In the age of internet, communication between merchants and customers has moved to online space. To handle all questions, issue and inquiries seamlessly – give LiveAgent a shot on your website. Do the same thing we did and achieve success.


“Usage of LiveAgent is the reason that our customer satisfaction rate is 98,6% and growing even higher.”

This way you will have perfect overview about your customers’ needs and problems you need to solve. Responding to Facebook comments, Tweets, emails or live chat requests will become a light breeze. With LiveAgent you can be sure that not a single request will get lost or unanswered.

Post Affliate Pro has been an engine behind growth of Quality Unit for years now, but we would not be able to achieve this success without LiveAgent. Every single time somebody thinks about going all in with our affiliate software – support agents are there, ready to help and provide all the information in the world via LiveAgent.

No one gets left behind. We serve our customers with dedication and willingness to provide excellence. We believe that this is the only way how to stand out in ever growing competition of today.

The army of our business partners appreciate “safe harbor” of LiveAgent and so could you. Having a place where they can turn to with their inquiries would make them feel even more dedicated, motivated and at the end of the day – your business will benefit from this connection.

“We built our success on providing whole experience. It is our best effort to keep the customers satisfied. This cannot be done without brilliant helpdesk solution as our beloved LiveAgent.”

Martin Palus – Support representative @Post Affiliate Pro

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