ZSE (as a member of the German energy group E.ON) is a leading energy company since 1922. ZSE provides the supply of electricity and gas, the maintenance of facilities and consultancy on energy efficient operations.

Switching from Avaya to LiveAgent

Before switching to LiveAgent, ZSE used a different helpdesk software, but found it not very convenient for solving larger amount of incoming emails. They started looking for a different – more feature rich solution. After trying several helpdesk software, they decided for LiveAgent in April 2014.

“We are now able to provide quick and thorough customer support.”

Problem: Email chaos

Gradual increase of incoming emails caused a serious problem. It was nearly impossible to answer all emails in an adequate time. LiveAgent distribution feature helps ZSE to transfer thousands of tickets to the righ departments and helpdesk staff. Their 44 customer support representatives are now able to answer all customer queries in 24 hours.

“LiveAgent has accelerated our overall performance and helps us to deliver immediate responses.”


Michaela Dobosova, the manager at ZSE says: “One of the advantages of LiveAgent is that the interface is very simple and user friendly. New representatives can be trained in no time and immediately start working with LiveAgent on their own. We managed to easily create business rules, in order to sort tickets, block spam and increase efficiency which lead to reduction of average answer time.

Besides email communication we wanted to find out if adding a live chat button to our website increases overall customer satisfaction. Within 1 week after deployment, we realized that it was a huge step forward. Our clients really appreciate having their problems solved in real time.

With our previous help desk software, each setup change required an intervention by our IT department which slowed down the whole process. With LiveAgent we’re able to do most of the setups on our own, and if not, their support team is available to help us 24/7.”

 “We can now rely on access to LiveAgent’s 24/7 customer service.”

From the support agent’s perspective

What do ZSE’s support agents think about LiveAgent:

  • Working in the application is very intuitive
  • Monitoring and answering Facebook posts in LiveAgent interface
  • Possibility of reward/rebuke each ticket brings us valuable feedback

“I would definitely recommend LiveAgent to other companies.”

Michaela Dobosova – PR Manager @ ZSE (E.ON)

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