“Our company dynamically develops online sale services, offered via SaaS (Software as a Service). The joint stock company IAI S.A. creates a professional system for online shops or wholesale stores management. On foreign markets the service provided by IAI S.A. is known as IdoSell Shop.”

Idosell started using LiveAgent in the first half of 2016. Their support team consists of 14 highly skilled agents that are ready & able to help with jaw-dropping efficiency. This group of specialists is able to deliver excellent service to more than 4,000 customers from 10 different countries. When it comes to the shear number of support requests, they are no slouch either. Idosell’s support solves over 1,500 different queries each month.

“We are a leader in the Polish e-commerce market. A joint stock company, IAI S.A. was founded in 2000 and has been listed on the NewConnect stock exchange since December 16, 2009.”

They mainly fetch customer issues through good old-fashioned email. However, their phones never seem to stop ringing either, as agents respond to more than 250 calls per month. Also, the use of live chat works wonders for Idosell, bringing in over 180 chats per month.

Their reason to jump on board and use LiveAgent was prosaic, yet logical. Shared inboxes in Outlook are just not cutting it anymore. But what about the most important part, customer satisfaction levels? Idosell can proudly say they deliver their best every single day. According to their metrics, customer needs are fulfilled at a perfect satisfaction level of 100%. “We have 24h response time standards. Everyone can keep track of case processing time, set priorities, and remove cases no longer valid.“ said Paweł Fornalski.

Amazing success at an amazing scale

When you build a solid product that is being widely used throughout different market segments, business models, countries or even focus areas, you might find yourself with a slight smile on your face. We believe that smile is the perfect “proof of concept” when it comes to creating a universal solution that also scales well. The story of LiveAgent and Idosell is a pleasant tale, which underlines the ambitions of our company that actually came true.

IAI S.A. introduced a brand new service – IdoSell Booking – in 2013. The service makes it possible to sell bookings online, via mobile devices or through Social Media. It is directed at all types of resorts. Currently the application is available only in Poland and Germany, but is being developed for the British market as well.

“We are a SaaS provider for internet stores, hotels, and hospitalities. In Poland we are number 1, so we cooperate with many developers and prospects. We have to be able to provide very complex replies and exchange several messages until the client trusts us enough to order our services for their company.”

We asked Idosell´s representatives what has changed after LiveAgent deployment. “We can reply to customers’ sales inquiries much faster. We are also able to easily integrate Facebook messages, which were not very well processed until LiveAgent came in. Usually we would’ve replied to those with a canned message, asking the customer to contact us via mail or go directly to our Customer portal to create tickets in our internal system. Now, Facebook messages are processed the same way emails are. Plus we were also able to add live chat to our website, which was really the missing piece to the puzzle.” said Paweł Fornalski.

Supporting customers is just one side of the coin. But a help desk software with great scaling abilities can serve as the perfect tool to reach higher revenue. “LiveAgent has greatly improved our sales department responsiveness. We can get more clients without losing oversight, so we can grow even faster. LiveAagent is a real godsend when we build customer websites, and need to quickly find pricing information or order details.”

And what about their favorite features?

We love to use “ticket transfer” and “internal comments”! These functions were among the main reasons we switched to LiveAgent. Before, we had issues with assigning and coordinating different business queries case by case, using multiple mail folders in Outlook. However, managers could easily get lost, and lose focus on the “big picture”. Another very useful function is “postponing tickets”.

In email folders, it was very difficult to remember to get back to some cases at a later date. We usually did it by CRM reminders in our system. Now with LiveAgent, the manager sees everything, and nobody forgets to return to a customer. We also love the Facebook message integration and chat.” Paweł Fornalski added.

And what about their support staff? Are they happy using LiveAgent?

They love all the small details and responsiveness of the interface, which makes working in support a real pleasure. Some agents even said they are eagerly awaiting the next ticket, because replying feels so satisfying.

Paweł Fornalski – Founder & CEO @ IAI S.A

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