AquaSprouts exists to create innovation and excitement for aquaponics accessible to everyone. We believe that aquaponics can be a cornerstone of future food systems, reducing waste and enabling people everywhere to produce clean, healthy food for themselves and their communities. We know that education and hands-on access are the keys to success for new technology.AquaSprouts has been with us since November of 2015 and they have 5 support agents working full time, providing useful advice to customers from more than 10 countries

Customer satisfaction of 96.5 % is nothing short of impressive. This number shines even more, considering that AquaSprouts’s support staff go through more than 500 complex inquiries every single month.Regarding support channels, good old email is what the “green” company relies on most of the time. 

However, they are not ignoring perks that real time communication through live chat brings. Agent’s go through 100+ chat sessions in addition to their exceptional email support. LiveAgent is not the first help desk software that AquaSprouts has ever used. Before migration to our platform, the company used the current market leader ZenDesk. This small fact makes their final decision to go all in with LiveAgent even more exciting.

We feel very proud when companies working in field of sustainable energy choose our solution. Helping planet Earth and consequently the entire human race, is a noble cause which should be fought without compromises or regrets.

Often, it’s the little things that matter. Our client AquaSprouts is showing the world that something as simple as taking care of your aquarium and fish plays an important role in this world. Anywhere from your home, your office, or even in a classroom, AquaSprouts shows a unique perspective on the aquarium.

“We built our success on providing whole experience. It is our best effort to keep the customers satisfied. This cannot be done without brilliant helpdesk solution as our beloved LiveAgent.”

What has changed after the deployment of LiveAgent?

Well, who is more qualified to respond to this question than AquaSprout’s head of customer service himself?… “Everything is all in one place! Before we either had to use multiple apps, or pay more for integrations. LiveAgent allows us to give the best customer service possible, without breaking the bank or making us sacrifice essentials tools.”

“We’re also more inclined to give sales agents and other staff members Live Agent accounts because adding new users is very affordable. The team is also using internal tickets to better work with remote members.”

And what features do they enjoy the most?

There is a lot to like in LiveAgent, but just to name a few most used ones, here you go:

  • Unlimited email handling/masking
  • Fully custom CSS knowledge base
  • Live chat + custom chat boxes/buttons
  • Video/voice chat straight from the site
  • User forums – Social media handling
  • Their support team is outstanding

“We can easily stay on top of every communication channel right from one screen. We’re everywhere our customers are! Jack Ikard pointed out.”

According to head of customer service, LiveAgent has become an essential asset. “We could not think of a better support software that has SO MANY features included in one straight forward price.”

What about learning curve? How hard was it to get used to LiveAgent?

“Easy! There was no learning curve, everything is placed very logically.”

Last but definitely not least: Why did you start using LiveAgent?

“Because our free startup year plan with Zendesk was ending, and we were determined to find software that allowed us to get the most bang for our buck. LiveAgent checked all the boxes.”

Pragmatic and budget-savvy ended up as the right one. To wrap this up, let us just add one point to think about. Despite all the marketing power of love brands in the customer support area, going for an alternative might be the best thing you can do.

It doesn’t mean you have to settle for an inferior product. It’s actually the other way around – the best pick for you very well might be the hidden treasure you find when you click on the 3rd link in a Google Search queue, not the first one.

Jack Ikard – Head of customer service @AquaSprouts

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