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L&L Europe

L&L Europe is company that builds and operates online casinos.

Hi, my name is Susan and I am the customer service manager at L&L Europe. L&L Europe is company that builds and operates online casinos. We currently have 13 brands worldwide and we strongly believe that by localizing every single casino, it is a great way to distinguish ourselves in a gaming industry. We also believe that if we want to offer a great product and a great casino, we have to offer a really great customer support.

So naturally when we first started out and we went to look for a help desk that can help us to achieve this goal and we quickly stumbled upon LiveAgent, which has been perfect tool for us ever since, because it really help us to collect all of the customer information and queries in one single system. We currently offer the opportunity to our customers to contact us by LiveAgent by three different ways, which are the contact form, the email system and also the live chat.

Since we are a multi-brand company, we have set up a different department in LiveAgent for every single brand that we have and this allows us to keep all of the brands separate but at the same time it still provide us with really neat overview of any own tickets that may need some attention.

The departments also allow us to allocate certain agents to certain departments. Since some agents have other language skills than others which may be matching with different brands. To optimize our response time, we use several different functionalities.

The first one for example is the real time typing view, because our agents are able to see what customers are going to be asking when starting typing it and they can already set up their response in advance. Another functionality that really helps with these, for example – the predefined answers and messages, frequently asked questions can be asked within a matter of seconds with these functionalities.

We use several reporting options in LiveAgent. Whenever our agents are working on tickets they will use the tag system to tag which kind of graded customer is contacting us about. By creating the tag reports, we can easily follow what customers are contacting us about the most and also immediately noticed there’s been spike in any particular area.

And we also use the agent performance report and the ranking all review to see which of our agents are performing the best and also if there is any extra training necessary. In a last two years, we have noticed an eight hundred percent increase in the amount of chats that our agents handle a month.

The flexibility of LiveAgent has really helped us throughout this growth, because we are able to adjust any functionality whenever necessary and this will allow us to be able to continue using LiveAgent as we continue evolving our business.

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