Customer service manager

Who is a customer service manager?

Customer service manager is a person, who is responsible for customer service department. This person has many responsibilities, such as setting strategies, tasks, service policies and standards, leading and motivating the customer service staff.

Customer service managers have to train customer representatives to provide the best support, to build a loyal customer relationships and to have a great knowledge about products and services. They have to analyse data, create reports and they also have some financial responsibilities. So, the customer service manager has to be patient, IT skilled, friendly and able to work under pressure.

Frequently asked questions

Who is customer service manager?

Customer Service Manager, also known as Customer Care Manager is a person who cares about the satisfaction of customers and potential customers of the company. His tasks include, above all, providing excellent customer service, taking care of the service team, as well as creating solutions that improve this service.

What are the responsibilities of customer service manager?

The responsibilities of the customer service manager include providing comprehensive customer service to the company. To achieve this goal, the manager should efficiently delegate some customer inquiries to a dedicated team, manage customer accounts as well as incoming calls and e-mails. They should also keep a record of interactions between agents and clients and specific records of actions taken. It is also extremely important to build relationships with employees and take care of their development.

Can you add a customer service manager in LiveAgent?

In LiveAgent, you do not have the Customer Support Manager role available, but the person with that role may have more than the agent privileges. Therefore, it is worth giving him the role of administrator or owner (depending on the needs and policy of the company). He can then properly manage the team and data.

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