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Performance report

A performance report is a report on the performance of an organization, group, or individual. Performance reports are routinely produced to identify areas of improvement within an organization or business.

Why should you create routine performance reports?

Performance reports can help you pinpoint the exact areas of your business that need improvement. Finding “laggards” and areas that can be optimized is always great because it presents an opportunity to:

  • Improve your agent’s performance
  • Provide additional training to those that need it
  • Improve customer satisfaction, experience, and sales
  • Reallocate resources 
  • Reinforce support channels 
  • Find more cost-effective ways to solve problems
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In addition to that, performance reports can also showcase areas of your business that are thriving. This is important because:

  • You won’t have to overhaul your whole business/support strategy
  • You’ll be able to reward overachievers
  • Underperformers will be able to learn from overachievers
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What does the LiveAgent performance report feature do?

Performance reports showcase the performance of your support agents. Each performance report contains the total number of opened chats, resolved tickets, calls, and more (see below). Performance reports can be displayed as graphs or charts and segmented by day, week, month, year, or even a custom date.

Performance report

Discover who is the most productive, who prefers answering e-mails over live chats, and who delivers consistent results over time.

Performance report display options

 You can filter your performance report results by:

  • Time
  • Department
  • Agent
  • Tag
Performance report

Each performance report can also be modified to showcase additional data including:

  • Date
  • Answers
  • New answer avg. time
  • Open answer avg. time
  • Calls
  • Outgoing calls
  • Missed calls
  • Call minutes
  • Chat messages
  • Chats
  • Missed chats
  • Chat pickup avg. time

  • Chat avg. time
  • Not reviewed
  • Not reviewed %
  • Positive ratings
  • Positive rating %
  • Negative ratings
  • Negative rating %
  • Incoming messages
  • Incoming calls
  • Finished calls
  • Incoming chats
  • Finished chats

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Choosing how data is presented in performance reports

LiveAgent can present all the above-mentioned data in multiple formats, including area charts, line graphs, bar graphs, and pie charts. Moreover, all data can be exported into CSV files, making it easier to share with others.

How to find performance reports in LiveAgent

Performance reports are visible to administrators only. If you have the administrator role, you can find performance reports by clicking on Reports (circle icon) that’s in the left-hand menu (right between Calls and Customers) and selecting performance reports from the reports list.

Performance report

Please note, that all agents can see their personal statistics/performance reports upon logging into LiveAgent.

Performance report
Personal agent stats visible outside of performance reports

Using performance reports with API

Use the LiveAgent REST API to manage call values in performance reports.


Knowledge base resources

To learn more about the different types of reports available in our analytics dashboard please check out our knowledge base articles:

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