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Performance report

Monitor the performance of your support Agents. See detailed graphs and charts with gross numbers of opened Chats, solved e-mails, received Facebook messages and other metrics viewed per day, week or month. See who is the most productive, who prefers e-mails over Live chats, who delivers consistent results over time.

Individual entries can be sorted by time range, Department, channel, Tags, and agent. Performance Report can be exported to a CSV file.

Performance report display options (columns):

  • Date
  • Answers
  • New answer avg. time
  • Open answer avg. time
  • Calls
  • Outgoing calls
  • Missed calls
  • Call minutes
  • Chat messages
  • Chats
  • Missed chats
  • Chat pickup avg. time
  • Chat avg. time
  • Not ranked
  • Not ranked %
  • Rewards
  • Rewards %
  • Rebukes
  • Rebukes %
  • Incoming messages
  • Incoming Calls
  • Finished Calls
  • Incoming Chats
  • Finished Chats

Performance report can show your data in these types of charts:

Use Performance reports with API

Use LiveAgent REST API to call values from Performance reports.

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