Martinus is the biggest online bookstore and the largest online store in Slovakia (according to the number of served customers). Martinus has won multiple awards such as “best” and “most favorite” Slovak online store in several independent surveys.

“Customer satisfaction is our main criterion for success.”

Martinus started using LiveAgent in July 2011. Before that, they used their own in-house solution.The old system in which customers’ requests ended up in a shared mailbox, from which agents chose emails to answer, was not sufficient enough. They wanted to take their customer support one step further and wanted a system where they didn’t just solve specific requests, but where they had entire customer care under one roof.

Answering, ticket history and analytics

“We wanted to manage the flow of customer requests and accelerate the process of answering. At the same time we wanted to have history of all the answers and the option of detailed analysis.”

Besides the regular requirements for a helpdesk software such as ticketing, automation and analytics, Martinus have also had customizations done.

“LiveAgent was willing to incorporate specific requests in a record time.”

What has changed after switching to LiveAgent?

Switching to LiveAgent has brought a significantly better management of customer requests and rapidly shortened the time in which we can respond to customers. Thanks to LiveAgent, we can make sure that all tickets get resolved. It also saves us an incredible amount of time, because our agents can not only see the previous communication with a customer in a ticket thread, but also a complete history of previous ticket threads and answers. This allows them to make a quick image about the customer and answer his or hers questions more accurately.

In addition, we were also able to connect our shopping cart to LiveAgent via API, thanks to which we can see current orders and other customer data from our system, which in turn accelerates and improves all communication with the customer. Speaking of benefits – thanks to the convenient statistics, we can quickly evaluate the quality of work of individual agents or effectively manage the flow of requests from customers.”

“Ticketing makes it super easy and convenient to handle thousands of customer queries.”

From the support agent’s perspective

Having a helpdesk appplication is innovative, cool, helps a lot, etc. But what if your support representatives don’t like it and hate using it? Now, that’s a problem. That’s why we, at LiveAgent, focus equally on the managers and the reps. Martinus’s agents love that it’s web-based and that they can login from anywhere at anytime. Also, in case anybody’s absent, they can easily substitude the person.

“Our support representatives really like that they have everything one click away. The latest implementation of call centre into LiveAgent has also received great feedback from the reps.”

“Our support representatives absolutely love using LiveAgent.”

Martin Strba – Customer Service Manager @Martinus

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