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Join LiveAgent's wide range of successful enteprise businesses and rely on the most reviewed and #1 rated help desk software for SMB in 2019. Stay closer to your customers and help them faster with LiveAgent.


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We are aware that implementing such complex solution as LiveAgent requires specific procedures and rules to be fulfilled at most of enterprise businesses. With our solution you are able to add and remove agents based on required support load, seasonality or internal structure changes. Let your best agents get rewarded at the right time and make others rest when there are less requests.


without any problems

LiveAgent operates in separate dashboard and streamlines data from multiple sources of enterprise business. Whether it’s website, social media, customer portal, email or call center support, LiveAgent makes it easy to implement each channel into specific company department. You can also help yourself with advanced features such as canned messages to save time.


your dashboard

Enterprise businesses tend to have specific requirements for features and customization based on their internal policies and processes. We have developed our help desk software with that in mind and we are offering customizable solution that would meet your preferred workflow, not the other way around. Plus, large businesses often get their ROI from LiveAgent quickly with real-time typing view feature, which enables them to prepare the response faster.

Over 21,000 businesses can't be wrong 

See our success stories and testimonials and find out how can LiveAgent boost your customer support and increase the happiness of your business partners.

"We use LiveAgent with 40 Agents and in 12 languages"
With over 40 Agents, 12 languages, 20+ partner URLs and around 10,000 chats/tickets per month (and growing), I knew we needed to upgrade from the basic chat app that we had when I first took on this role. I immediately suggested LiveAgent. I had introduced it before to another company and I knew what it was capable of. Oh, and all that for less than we were paying yearly for half the number of Agents.

David Chandler, Vbet - Enterprise Betting

Your enterprise business and it's clients will be in a good company

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How will your enterprise company benefit from implementing LiveAgent?


Efficient allocation and management of resources


and powerful automation features


Seamless resolution of customer requests


Increased customer happiness and loyalty


Efficient allocation
of resources

Proper allocation and management of resources is crucial for the overall well being of any company. LiveAgent provides you with the flexibility to add or remove customer support agents based on your needs, current season or time period of the year. Never tie your business to strict rules. LiveAgent gives you the power to decide where to invest your time and finances. The ROI of help desk implementation for enterprise companies can be seen quickly in form of increased customer happiness and loyalty.


automation features

Repetitive tasks and activities quickly become boring and time & resource consuming. Your support agents should focus on the human to human interaction and provide the needed support there. These small, yet incredibly necessary jobs can be done via powerful automation features such as canned messages, time rules, predefined answer or even SLAs. Make your everyday life easier with the right help desk for enterprise companies. 


Seamless resolution of customer requests

Customers expect their problems to be solved immediately and without any obstacles, no matter the platform they have used to get in touch with the companies. Providing seamless experience across all your digital channels for them brings positive impact on your brand and business in general. Let our help desk software neatly combine all of your points of contanct into one universal inbox and focus on the important things. Start the conversation in live chat, continue in email follow up and finish the issue via call, all from the same place. 

Cheapest software

LiveAgent's free plan offers free Knowledge base amongst other features. With paid plan, you can get even more and for a reasonable price. 


For Small Businesses and Professional Marketers

$15 /mo


For Small Businesses and Professional Marketers

$29 /mo

You will be in good hands!

Do you know what Huawei, BMW, Yamaha, O2 and Oxford University have in common? You guessed right... LiveAgent!

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