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How To Chat With Customers Online

Your chat lines are open, and notifications are flooding it. You need to respond to them and do so in the same way that a waitress does when serving her customers – timely and personal. Problem is your customer support agents are having difficulty doing the same.

Modern customer service is a lot different than it used to be. Customers are as demanding as they are tech-savvy and knowledgeable these days. Thus, it makes it highly crucial to provide high-quality customer service.

There are probably thousands of reasons why excellent customer service is worth your every effort. It is far cheaper than any marketing or advertising. It helps keep your customers happy, who in turn becomes your brand advocates.

Essentially, when you make your loyal customers happy, they bring with them other people who will likely buy from you as well. With such benefits, it makes it critical to ensure you have an amazing customer service.

Live Chat Stress – Customer Service Mistakes Costing Your Business

Live chat customer service can be so hard to get right. You might have installed a live chat for your customer service thinking it will solve all your problems. You thought it is a no-brainer investment where your staff will be able to deliver quick, smooth customer support.

But this hasn’t been true for most Customer Support Managers. Even established, most trusted online companies hadn’t avoided the most common customer support issues. Businesses barely meet consumers’ live chat demands.

Customers want instant support, so they choose to install live chat. But customers are rarely satisfied with most experiences ending in frustration. According to research, 38% of consumers have a poor experience when it comes to live chat.

True, they like speed which is why businesses prefer faster connection times and responses. However, there is something they don’t realize – consumers do like faster transaction, but they care more about getting their problems resolved even if it takes longer.

Prioritizing customer satisfaction in place of speed offers your business with huge benefits. Your customers will remain loyal, promote your brand, and increase your traffic. If you want to take advantage of these perks, here are some tips on how to chat with customers online.

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Live Chat Tips to Help Communicate with Online Customers Professional

Even though plenty of customers are disappointed with live chat, that doesn’t mean it is not the most compelling form of customer service. Around 70% of consumers are satisfied using live chat. In that regard, you can increase customer satisfaction with the following tips.

Use Your Name

When introducing yourself, use your name. It adds a more human touch with the electronic interaction of a live chat. When you use your name, it also helps your customer know that they are talking to a real person, not a bot.

Utilize a Typing Indicator

Typing indicator is an excellent addition to your live chat features. When you use this, you can let your customers know that you are responding to them in real time. This way, they don’t have to wonder if you are still active in the chat or not.

No CAPS and No Ellipses

As much as possible, avoid using ellipses and CAPS. The three little dots don’t seem important, but they can make you seem indirect or condescending. As most of you know, all CAPS make it look like you are SHOUTING, and no customers want that.

Use Emojis and Canned Responses

Time to embrace the culture of emojis, which customers understand better. They do not only add clarity to the conversation but also shows how friendly you are. At the same time, using automated responses for most commonly asked questions help increase accuracy and speed.

Mind Your Grammar

You can be social when dealing with customer queries without neglecting grammar. Ensure that the live chats are a personable as you can. However, you cannot sacrifice grammar for it, or you will not come on as professional as you can when dealing with them.

Use Live Chat Auto Translation

You can remove the language barriers when resolving customer service issues using auto translation. Using this allows your agents to speak to the customers clearly and quickly wherever those customers are in the world.

Send Out Dynamic Chat Invite

Part of great customer service is never ignoring a customer who enters your store. It is the same way as a customer who visits your site. Say hi and ask if there is anything you can help them with using dynamic chat invites.

Use Live Web Analytics

Live web analytics is useful in customer service. It allows you to see what your visitors are doing on your website. This information allows you to reach out to customers promptly, providing them with the live chat service they need.

Send Chats to Relevant Agents

Your customers want help right away, which is why they turn to live chat. It is live, after all. You can help resolve their issues quicker by sending the chats to the relevant agents. Do that using automatic skill-based routing to direct messages to the agent who can best respond to the issue.

Put the Live Chat Buttons Up Front

Don’t hide the live chat button by placing them at the very bottom of the page or within the contact page. Place it up front and immediately available. The whole point here is to make yourself available, which is why you must place the live chat button in the most obvious place.

Customize Chat Window

Customizing the window of your live chat feature can provide you with excellent gains. For one, it can help create an excellent visual first impression. In that regard, include an avatar of your customer agent and your company’s logo on the chat window to boost your brand’s image.

Ensure First-Contact Resolution

Encourage your customer service agents to resolve any issue as fast as they can, possibly in the first contact. You can do this by delivering fast Average Response Rate, which happens when you make the most of automated messages and by multitasking between customers.

Customer Communication

While it is crucial and beneficial for a business to have a speedy customer service, it doesn’t matter if the issue is not resolved. That being the case, make it an urgency to resolve the problems your customers bring to you, but your foremost priority should be to ensure they walk away happy.

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