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Consistently improving your product to remain competitive and maintain a satisfied customer base is essential, especially in the SaaS industry. A product update email is one of the best opportunities to showcase that you’re listening to your customers’ feedback, consistently working on meeting their expectations, and reminding them of your product’s value. A product update email can also re-engage users who were about to churn. Unfortunately, many businesses treat product update notifications as an afterthought.

However, your product update emails can do far more than simply inform your users about the recent product improvements you’ve made. With the right strategy, you can use product update emails to reassure new customers that they’ve made the right choice, improve customer satisfaction, retention, and even increase revenue as you can also promote your premium features when announcing updates.

Crafting efficient product update emails can be a tricky task. Below are some tips to help you create better product update emails that are bound to improve user engagement, along with 10 product update email templates you can use as examples when creating your own version of product update emails.

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5 Product Update Email Best Practices

  1. Segment your audience: Consider dividing your subscribers into groups (based on age, gender, preferences, etc.) and sending different emails that vary in content, language, and style depending on what appeals to each specific group of users.
  1. Decide which updates are email-worthy: Receiving lots of emails about minor product updates and bug fixes might only frustrate your users. Think of which updates, changes, or improvements bring actual value to your customers and are truly email-worthy. 
  1. Focus on communicating product benefits: Shift from feature-focused to benefit-focused messaging that revolves around what your product does and how the improvements you’ve implemented can help your users meet their goals and handle challenges.
  1. Use visuals to boost user engagement: Since 65% of people remember information better if it’s paired with a relevant image, product update emails with eye-catching visuals are more likely to stand out, engage users, and generate their interest.
  1. Be consistent and commit to your schedule: If you want to build a regular readership for your product update emails, consistency is vital. Define the frequency of your messaging and stick to it so users know when they can expect to hear from you.

Product Update Email Subject Lines

  • The Newly Improved [Product] is Here!
  • New features have arrived!
  • Our [new feature] is finally here!
  • Introducing the brand-new features
  • Sneak Peek at our New Features
  • It’s official: The New Features are here
  • The most requested feature has arrived
  • Try these new features
  • Say Hello to the New [Product]
  • The New [Product]. Smart. Sleek. Powerful.
  • An [Product] update is available now
  • This is a big change!
  • [Product] just got even better! Take a look
  • Announcing the newest [Product] integration with [Tool]
  • Don’t miss our new [Product /Feature]
  • Welcome to the all-new [Product]
  • A whole new [Product] experience
  • What’s new in [Product]/ [Company]?
  • [Product] New Version is Here! Here’s all you need to know
  • An important update on [Product]
  • [Product] summer updates 
  • Your latest [Product] updates

10 Product Update Email Templates

Based on your brand, product, and your relationship with your users, your product update emails may differ in content, design, and tone. While there is no universal formula for the perfect product update email, here are 10 email templates that can help you get started.

New Feature Release Email

Feature Improvement Update Email

Multiple Feature Updates Email

Bug Fix Update Email

New Integration Announcement Email

Monthly/ Quarterly Re-engagement Product Update Email

New Version Release Email

Beta Feature Invite Email

New App Release Email

 New Product Announcement Email

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