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Company announcement email templates

Even though there are plenty of communication channels available, many companies choose email to make announcements because it’s the most used and engaging channel. In most cases, company announcement emails are promotional messages for new product or service releases, updates to existing products, or the launch of a new venture. 

Even though these messages are theoretically announcements, they are more focused on conveying marketing-related messages rather than the communication of company news.

However, there are also plenty of examples of company announcement emails for other purposes, such as internal messages. These tend to be more formal emails that focus on business-centric communication, including but not limited to the advertisement of open positions in the company, the promotion of a current employee to a higher position, the introduction of brand new members of staff to existing team members, or an invitation to an open meeting.

The latter type of company announcement emails will be the main focus here, in order to provide examples of business-related messages that may be communicated to an internal audience via email.

Email template customization
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Why make company announcements via email?

Emails are one of the most efficient methods of communication and have long been proven to be effective, both for sending and receiving internal and external messages. One obvious reason for that is the fact that emails enable direct communication with desired audiences, as long as you know their email addresses.

This means that a job opening or company news announcement could be sent to the entire company workforce or one list, whilst an email welcoming a new member of staff or advertising an open meeting could be sent just to the relevant team or department in a large business.

Data gathered in a Gallup study shows that 74% of employees feel like they are missing out on company news (source). At the same time, mismanagement of internal communications may cost small companies (employing less than 100 people) $420,000 annually, while large enterprises stand to lose up to $62 million each year (source). These are just two more reasons for using emails in announcing internal news and sharing important information among employees. 

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Company announcement email subject lines 

  • Promotion Announcement – [name of employee]
  • Congratulations to [name of employee] for their promotion
  • Vacancy for the position of [job title]
  • We are recruiting internally – apply for the role of [job title]
  • New staff member – [new employee name] in the position of [job title]
  • Please welcome [new employee name] to the team
  • [Reason for meeting] Open Staff Meeting on [date] at [time]
  • Reminder: open meeting tomorrow at [time] for all [department] employees

Company announcement email templates

Company announcement email template 1 – promotion announcement

Company announcement email template 2 – internal recruitment

Company announcement email template 3 – new employee introduction

Company announcement email template 4 – open meeting invitation

Company announcement email templates – Frequently Asked Questions

How long should a company announcement email be?

As the content of these messages can extremely vary, there is no right or wrong answer to this question. However, it’s best to keep messages concise to keep the reader interested. 

People tend to skim emails, so try to list all important information on separate lines or paragraphs. If you need to include more information, such as for a job advertisement, then link to a website that provides additional details for those who are interested rather than overloading the email.

Who should I send a company announcement email to?

This depends on the size of the business and the subject matter– some messages should be sent to all staff, while others should be only sent to selected departments or employees of a certain hierarchical position. Job vacancies may be sent to all staff, for example, as some candidates might be looking to switch departments. 

When should a company announcement be made?

Once again, this depends entirely on the specific type of email. Promotion messages should be sent soon after the promoted employee has been informed. Welcome emails and meeting invitations should be sent at least a week before the event of a new team member joining or a discussion being held. Job vacancies should be sent earlier – several months before that position needs to be filled and a few weeks before it may be advertised externally.

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