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Price increase email templates

Price increases are an inevitable part of every business’s growth, in both B2C and B2B sectors. Getting through a price increase without losing current customers is especially a challenge for most B2B business. The way you inform your users about an increase in your product or service price can have an impact on whether they choose to stay loyal to your brand or start looking for lower-cost alternatives. Below are some of the best practices along with 7 price increase email templates you can use when breaking the news to your customers. 

netflix price increase email template
Netflix price increase announcement

How to notify customers about price increases

  1. Inform customers in advance: Communicate the price increase as soon as you make the decision and before the new prices go into effect. Ensure your customers have some time to adjust to the new offer, re-assess their budget, or research the market for alternatives
  1. Communicate the reason(s) behind the price increase: Whether it’s higher operating costs or the need to enhance your product/ service – make it clear for customers that you are not chasing profits, but are merely responding to the changing market environment. 
  1. Explain the value your customers will be getting: Focus on the value your customers are going to receive after the price increase – such as adding new essential product features they have been requesting, improving the service performance, ensuring better customer support, etc.
  1. Let them take advantage of the current prices: Turn negative news into a revenue boost before the actual price increase by offering perks to your existing customers – e.g. giving them an opportunity to upgrade to an annual plan for the old price until a certain time.
  1. Avoid sounding apologetic: As a business, you have every right to raise your prices every once in a while, whenever you have a good reason for doing so. If you sound too apologetic when announcing your price increase, you are undermining your product’s value.
Price increase email templates
Adobe price increase announcement

7 Price increase email templates for B2B

Template #1: Quick announcement

Template #2: Benefit-focused

Template #3: Loyal customers

Template #4: Pre-announcement

Template #5: Special deal

Template #6: Free users

Template #7: The good news, the bad news

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