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Upgrade emails are crucial for product-led SaaS businesses driven by both free trial and ‘freemium’ models. They help convince prospects to convert and upgrade from free to paid accounts and to higher premium plans. In fact, it’s one of the core goals of any SaaS business – and also one of the fundamental challenges, since a large number of SaaS customers never make the upgrade. Whether it’s converting from free trials to paid services or moving up from basic to premium plans, the following article provides some helpful tactics and ready-made upgrade email templates for you to use as examples when crafting your own upgrade emails. 

Bria upgrade email template
Counterpath Bria Teams upgrade email template

Quick tips for writing efficient upgrade emails

  • Add a touch of personalization by including the customer’s name and mentioning other relevant details in your upgrade email template (such as how much time is left in their trial period or other info based on their user activity)
  • Ensure your upgrade email template includes a clear CTA and link it directly to the actual upgrade screen rather than giving instructions on how to get there.
  • Contrast the outcomes of upgrading vs, not upgrading by specifying premium features users will gain access to and the benefits those features are going to bring.
  • Think of the best times to send upgrade emails taking into account both time-based and behavior-driven triggers (when the trial ends or sooner if the user has already experienced value.)

10 upgrade email templates

A free trial is about to expire

Upgrade or extend the free trial

The free trial has expired/ upgrade to continue

Upgrade or stay on a free plan

Reached free limit/upgrade

Upgrade with a special offer

Value-based upgrade 

Upgrade to a higher plan

Upgrade to a higher plan with a special offer

Announcing a new premium feature = upgrade opportunity

Frequently asked questions

What the ideal length of an upgrade email?

The ideal length of an upgrade email is between 75 to 100 words. Moreover, make sure to include relevant links with a call to action.

What should an upgrade email include?

When reaching out to customers with an upgrade offer, make sure you start with a proper greeting. Try to make the email as personal as possible. Moreover, include information about new/additional features, how your customers can take advantage of them, and links with a call to action.

How to offer an upgrade to your customers?

A great way to offer an upgrade to your customers is via email. Email is still effective because it is the most used form of mass communication in the world. It’s also a more nuanced medium than sending a tweet or posting to Facebook.

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