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Customer feedback

What is customer feedback?

Customer feedback is the customer’s input, insights, and thoughts about a company’s services, products, and overall experience. Access to this type of information allows a brand to evolve and improve over time.

What is feedback?

“Feedback is information or statements of opinion about something, such as a new product, that can tell you if it is successful or liked.”

Cambridge Dictionary

Why is customer feedback important?

Positive customer feedback enables your brand to get recognized organically. For instance, through Google, social media, etc. The same applies to negative feedback. It can make or break your business. Therefore, your company should focus on the whole customer experience, not only service/product development.

How can you improve the whole customer experience?

Nowadays, customers do not want to wait for support the whole day. Therefore, providing prompt and effective support will result in happy customers. A lot of companies struggle to provide fast customer service. This problem usually occurs because customers communicate through all sorts of platforms.

As a result, the customer representatives often juggle many platforms, which can be stressful and chaotic for both parties. One way to solve this issue is to use customer service software. LiveAgent is a customer service software that gatherers all customer issues into one interface. As a result, it enables your agents to solve customer issues effectively.

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But there’s more. LiveAgent is a complex help desk solution with more than 180 features, such as;

What are the benefits of LiveAgent?

  • Improved customer loyalty
  • Better customer experience
  • Smooth customer journey
  • Customer retention
  • Customer happiness

How can you gather customer feedback?

Before we dive deep into ways of gathering customer feedback, we need to define the 2 types of customer feedback.

What is the difference between solicited vs. unsolicited feedback?

Solicited feedback is when your brand reaches out to customers to get feedback. On the other hand, unsolicited feedback is when a customer is motivated to provide a review without any stimulus or suggestion. For instance, you can get feedback on Google Reviews. We suggest you turn on Google Alerts to monitor and efficiently deal with any negative feedback. 

Now that we have defined the differences let’s get back to the ways your brand can get solicited feedback. There are multiple ways to gather customer feedback. However, what might suit one industry does not have to suit yours. Test it out and see what kinds of surveys work for your customers.

3 ways to gather customer feedback

Personal interviews

The best way to learn from customers is face to face. Not only will you receive information, but you can also see the customer’s body language. Overall, it provides more insights since the interviewer can ask more clarifying, following questions to gain deeper insights into the consumer’s perspective about the company. This approach is a qualitative method of a customer survey. Not sure if you should use this method? Firstly, assess the goal you’re trying to reach. If your goal is to gain information from many customers, you should opt for a quantitative option through email surveys. But if you want to gain more insights into customer perspective, opt for personal interviews.

Email surveys

According to SurveyAnyPlace, the average response rate is around 33% for different communication platforms. The email survey rate is approximately 30%, which is pretty good since customers receive more and more spam emails every day. SurveyAnyPlace recommends creating an email survey subject line without the actual word “survey.” It will increase your response rate by an astonishing 10%!

Emails still play a massive role in any business. Create a couple of email survey templates and send them automatically after each customer interaction. LiveAgent allows you to create email templates quickly and effectively without any struggles.

Email templates - LiveAgent feature

Do you want to receive customer feedback after each interaction? Integrate Nicereply with LiveAgent for free and stop paying for unanswered surveys.

Implement customer feedback survey - LiveAgent

Would you like to use an alternative? LiveAgent also provides a free integration with Simplesat for efficient rating.

Customer feedback - LiveAgent integration


The easiest way to gather feedback is through your website. LiveAgent is an excellent customer service software that also allows you to implement a Feedback & Suggestions button. The button is customizable and allows your potential customers to provide feedback quickly and effectively. Moreover, the feature automatically creates a new notification/ticket every time you receive feedback. Therefore, your agents can immediately respond if necessary.

Customer Feedback & Suggestions feature - LiveAgent
Our tips for an effective customer surveys;
  1. Gain a lot of customer information through a quantitative method (e.g., email surveys).
  2. Analyze the data.
  3. Create a new goal (e.g., clarification of the reoccurring problems customers have experienced, etc.)
  4. Conduct qualitative research (personal interviews) to gain more customer insights.
  5. Analyze and finally adapt/improve what is necessary.

What should you ask in your customer surveys?

Before you create a survey, your marketing team needs to establish what sort of feedback they’re trying to get. Would you like to know feedback for your customer service team, product, or the overall customer experience? Once you establish the goal of your customer feedback survey, you can move onto creating questions.

What kinds of questions should you include in the survey?

  1. Open-ended questions
  2. Multiple-choice questions
  3. Yes/No questions

How can you measure customer satisfaction?

  • Customer Satisfaction Score
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Response rates from customer surveys (email, live chat)
  • Unsolicited feedback

If you would like to learn more, check out our article about the top 20 customer metrics every brand should measure. 

Would you like to learn more?

Check out our in depth customer feedback articles;

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