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Automated ticket distribution

Define how many Tickets , Chats and, Phone calls your Agents handle. Some can manage more, some manage less. The automated ticket distribution system makes sure your Agents always have their optimal load.

Automatically rotate phone duty, set pause times for your Agents and let them rest when needed. Our automated Ticket distribution is one of a kind.

Department status and To solve button

In LiveAgent, Admins can allow agents to work only in specific departments. They can also define if Agents will have the ability to change their department status (Tickets, Chats, Calls – On/Off) on their own.


There is also an option to choose if Agents will be able to answer tickets from the “All tickets” list or if they will be able to answer tickets from the “To solve” button only.

To solve button makes sure that no tickets are skipped and agents answer tickets that are sorted by priority or SLAs.

Solving tickets, receiving chats, calls

Admin or Agent (if allowed) can turn on/off solving/receiving:

  • Tickets
  • Chats
  • Calls

If solving tickets is turned on, the “To solve” button (next to your profile name and picture) will be automatically shown with the number of tickets that are waiting to be answered by the Agent.


Moreover, the Admin can decide that the “To solve” button should show the most important tickets that have to be solved as soon as possible. They can be sorted in order by specifying the ticket priorities, time, SLAs.

Chat Routing & Agent Priorities

To ensure fast and accurate communication, LiveAgent assigns Chats to Agents who’ve had previous communication with chatting customers. Besides random assignment, there are also 4 other options for advanced chat routing.

  • Random Assignment – New Chats will be assigned randomly to one of the Agents available for Chat. This strategy helps you to, on average over time, assign the same amount of Chats to each of your Agents.
  • Average Utilization – New Chats will be assigned to the Agent with the lowest number of running Chats to keep the same utilization of all available Agents. This strategy helps you to load balance number of concurrent Chats between all available Agents.
  • Max Utilization – New Chats will be assigned to an Agent with the highest number of running Chats to keep utilization at the maximum. Once the Agent has no free Chat slots, a new Chat will be routed to the next available Agent. This strategy helps you to maximize the load for chatting Agents and let other Agents work on offline Tickets.
  • Ring-to-all – New Chats will ring to all Agents available for chat until one of them answers it.
  • Priorities – Incoming Chats will be assigned to online an Agent with free chat slots and with the highest priority (lowest number).

Call routing to a personal device

Agents have the option to route incoming calls to a personal device, such as a mobile phone. This allows agents to keep providing customer support on the go, or on the device of their choice.

Automated ticket distribution

Max Chat load

Define number of Chats that each Agent can handle.

Chatting Priority of Agent

Setup lower or higher chatting priority for a specific Agent. New Chats will be routed to Agents with the highest priority (1 – highest, 100 – lowest.)

Assigning Agents to Departments

Add or remove an Agent to/from Departments. Additionally, you can define which type of service the Agent will provide in that Department.

Phone Routing and Agent Priorities

There are 2 options for phone routing:

  • Random Assignment – New Calls will be assigned randomly to one of the Agents available for the call.
  • Priority Assignment – New Calls will be assigned to the free Agent with the highest priority.

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