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Customer service conferences and their impact on education

What are customer service conferences

To put it briefly, customer service conferences are events where experts and professionals from customer service and CX come together. They attend to share knowledge and talk about the latest advancements in this sphere. They can be held as local events as well as worldwide or international with hundreds of professionals coming together.

Why are customer service conferences important?

“Our team goes to customer service and CX conferences every year. It’s always great meeting new people and reconciling with old friends and colleagues. I think such events are a must for any customer service professional who wants to find new opportunities in their field,”

Diana Adjadj – Writer at Best Essay Education.

There are many benefits you can get from attending customer service and CX conferences. Not everyone realizes just how crucial they are for certain professionals.

Reasons to consider attending a customer service conference

  • Education: Perhaps the most important purpose of any customer service conference, education still remains at the center of attention. Participants are provided with opportunities to learn something new by listening to famous speakers, sharing their experience with peers, and so much more.
  • Networking: Another advantage of customer service conferences is networking. You can easily find likeminded people and connect with them establishing invaluable relationships. Who knows, maybe they will be your lucky ticket at some point.
  • Trend Awareness: Knowing what is the talk at the moment or what kinds of practices are implemented by customer service experts is essential in order to perfect your company’s customer service. Such conferences are ideal for keeping up with all the latest news and tendencies.
  • Product Exposure: Customer service conferences are perfect for getting extra product exposure. Companies often have the opportunity to present what they’ve been up to lately. In addition, promote their products by making them an example of; how they made their customer service better with their help.
  • Inspire & Motivate: This may seem like something insignificant, but customer service conferences can energize you with positivity and improve your emotional state. Most participants leave with a sense of inspiration in their heart and motivation to do more.

How do customer service conferences influence education?

“We never stop learning throughout our whole life. After all, nobody can know everything at once! This is why I think a customer service conference is so great because it provides you with opportunities to improve your knowledge, perfect your skills, and always be aware of the latest trends in the industry,”

Jessica Waterford – Writer at WOWgrade

As mentioned above, education is one of the key components of any customer service conference. Professionals listen to experts giving valuable advice about this and that. This kind of knowledge helps specialists become even better at their age. Moreover, there are also regular workshops and sessions held at such events.

Best customer service conferences 2019

Now you know everything about customer service/CX conferences, including their benefits. Explore a list of the best customer service conferences in 2019 we have created down below.

5 Best customer service conferences 2019

Customer Contact Week (CCW)

This is the world’s largest customer contact event with CCW Digital; being one of the biggest online communities for customer service professionals. In 2019, it celebrated its 20th anniversary (it rebranded in 2018 changing from Call Center Week to Customer Contact Week). Every year it gathers the best CX, CS, and customer care leaders from all over the world. You will find workshops, site tours, and sessions in this event. In 2019, there were speakers from Verizon, HBO, Lyft, Hilton, and other well-known companies.


Expo & Conference – the opportunities for learning with ICMI are endless. There are over 1500 attendees every year with over 75 sessions. This conference is organized by UBM (in 2018, UBM combined with Informa PLC). ICMI is known for its dedicated team of trainers, speakers, industry insiders, and consultants. All of them work together to help you determine; your contact center’s effectiveness, assess your operations, identify your omnichannel strategy, and provide tools to help you motivate and manage your customer service team.

Northeast Contact Center Forum (NECCF)

The NECCF’s Annual Conference & Expo focuses on showcasing the latest technology and innovations in the customer service sphere. Founded in 2001, the Northeast Contact Center Forum is known for its expert-led workshops, roundtable discussions, and endless networking opportunities. As its name suggests, the event is held primarily for the Northeast region including such states as Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire.

Customer experience strategies summit

This event gathers CX professionals from all over North America. In 2019, there were many speakers from well-known companies such as; Toyota, Uber, Wal-Mart, and others. Customer Experience Strategies Summit focuses on creating a frictionless CX 360 vision with the help of game-changing CX technologies and KPIs usage to reduce costs. The event also promises to help customer service professionals to unleash the full power of social media, master digital CX mayhem, and drive loyalty among other things.

Chief Experience Officer (CXO) exchange

At CXO Exchange, you can meet top-tier customers and patient experience executives. This event focuses on people, strategy, innovation, design, and insights helping professionals deliver the best customer experiences. In 2019, there were speakers from Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, Walgreens, Lenovo, Headspace, and others. Chief Experience Officer Exchange is also a part of the Customer Contact Week being a premium, invitation-only event for the most senior CXO leaders.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, customer service and CX conferences are definitely events that every customer service professionals must visit. They have many benefits to them as well as a positive, lasting impact on education.

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Frequently asked questions

What are customer service conferences?

Customer service conferences are events where experts and professionals from customer service and CX come together. They attend to share knowledge and talk about the latest advancements in this sphere.

What are the reasons to consider attending a customer service conference?

The reasons to consider attending a customer service conference are additional education, networking, trend awareness, product exposure, and inspiration.

How do customer service conferences influence education?

A customer service conference is a great opportunity to improve your knowledge, perfect your skills, and make you aware of the latest trends in the industry.

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