Call center automation

Do you struggle with providing quality call center customer service due to an overload of customer inquiries?

Well, you should definitely pay attention because it might be killing your business.

Did you know that almost 60% of customers leave brands for a rival company due to poor customer service?

However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Nowadays, we have the technology and tools to automate repetitive daily processes, such as help desk software, call center software, etc. 

What is call center automation?

Call center automation involves features/functions that enable your company to handle calls efficiently and effectively by automating repetitive daily processes. There are multiple features that can be considered call center automation. They include auto dialing systems, call routing – preventing unnecessary transfers by routing the customer to the appropriate support department immediately- IVR, etc. Automated phone calls contribute to decreased waiting times and frustration which ultimately increases customer satisfaction. 

What impact does call center automation have on your business?

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Improved agent workflow
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Reduced customer service costs
  • Increased revenue

How can you automate repetitive processes in your call center?

Take a look at LiveAgent’s help desk software features below, which can help you automate daily call center tasks. 

What features does LiveAgent offer for call center automation?


Interactive voice response or IVR is a system that interacts with callers, and based on the caller’s answer, responds with appropriate action/information. It’s the bread and butter of automated calls. Creating an IVR tree menu can increase customer satisfaction and improve agent workflow since the call is automatically routed to the appropriate department.

Automatic callback 

Long waiting times can cause a lot of customer frustration. As a result, customers are prone to choosing a competitor over your business. The automatic callback feature allows customers to request a callback when no customer service agents are available or the waiting line/time is too long. This simple auto phone call function can prevent poor customer experience and elevate your customer service almost immediately.

Call routing

Call routing is another automation function, which saves your agents and customers time. It allows customers to choose a preferred department via IVR. Thus, if they seek the sales department, they will be automatically routed to a competent agent. 


LiveAgent allows you to integrate a CRM or customer relationship management, to keep all customer data in one place. It is a great addition to call centers since you can automatically view the customer data in the tickets. You don’t need to switch between platforms to search for customer information. The CRM integration automates the process and saves your employees time and energy.

Time rules 

Time rules is quite a versatile feature inside the LiveAgent. It allows you to automate specific processes/actions that are triggered at a particular time.

These days, it is crucial to follow up after customer interactions for many reasons, such as feedback or sales/marketing purposes. However, customer service agents receive a substantial amount of customer inquiries daily. Time Rules and call automation enable you to send, for instance, a follow-up marketing email/message at a particular time without involving any agent. 

CloudTalk integration

LiveAgent’s mission is to combine all the necessary platforms into one interface for improved workflow and a stellar customer experience. As a result, LiveAgent offers a decent amount of integrations, such as collaboration tools, billing management tools, phone tools, and more. For instance, CloudTalk integration enables you to improve call center workflow by automatically dialing numbers. This call center automation feature is beneficial for sales and marketing teams since they make plenty of outbound calls daily. 

If you would like to learn more, check out our in-depth CloudTalk integration article for further information. 

Automated ticket distribution

Automated ticket distribution is a workflow automation feature in LiveAgent, enabling you to distribute customer inquiries based on your preferences. The feature lets you set your preferred optimal ticket load for agents. Therefore, there are fewer errors, misunderstandings, and frustration. 

Our tip: Too much automation can be counterproductive. Thus, only automate the tasks aligned with your business goals. 

Don’t know LiveAgent?

LiveAgent is help desk software that enables you to provide an excellent multichannel experience to your clients. The software offers a call center, ticketing system, customer portal, live chat, knowledge base, forum, and social media integrations. As a result, your customer service representatives can handle all the incoming customer inquiries from one interface. 

Youtube video: LiveAgent Product Tour

What other beneficial features does LiveAgent offer? 

LiveAgent offers more than 180 features, which also include call center automation. If you would like to get a quick overview, check out the articles below.

Ready to improve your call center?

LiveAgent is a feature-rich help desk software that tracks customer requests, automates, and creates reports. Try it out for free with our 14-day free trial and save time, costs, and energy with automation.

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Frequently asked questions

What is call center automation?

Call center automation involves features/functions that enable your company to handle calls efficiently and effectively by automating repetitive daily processes. For instance, call routing prevents unnecessary transfers by routing the customer to the appropriate support department immediately.

What impact can call center automation have on your business?

Call center automation can increase your customer satisfaction, improve agent workflow, and enhance customer experience.

What LiveAgent features offer call center automation?

LiveAgent offers call center automation features such as IVR, Automatic callback, Call routing, Automated ticket distribution, and more.

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