Auto dialer

What is an auto dialer?

An auto dialer (or automatic dialer) is a software that automatically dials numbers from calling lists and thus saves outbound call center agents from having to dial those numbers manually. Automatic dialing systems can be used by a variety of businesses in different industries, including e-Commerce, hospitality, healthcare, education institutions, insurance, and financial service providers, real estate, debt collection, political organizations (when running political campaigns), and others. By using this automated call system, businesses can reach and follow up on hundreds or even thousands of customers, prospects, or leads in a short time period.

Call center agents have been using this automatic call system for decades in outbound campaigns. With manual dialers agents dial a number either by typing it with a keypad or from a pre-loaded contact list in the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and then wait for the call to connect. Auto dialers were designed to make the outbound dialing process easier for agents and increase agent productivity.

Auto dialer call center solutions allow for increasing the dialing rate and agent talk time by screening out answering machines and reducing agent wait times. That results in improved productivity and increased call center efficiency. When used as an automated sales machine, auto-dialers can simplify lead generation, maximize outreach and cold calling efficiency, and ultimately enhance your sales team’s performance.

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Frequently asked questions

What is auto calling?

As opposed to manual calling (manual dialing) when call center agents initiate outbound calls by manually dialing each number one by one from a contact list, auto calling (auto dialing) systems enable agents to automatically dial a list of numbers. With auto calling, agents can place hundreds or thousands of automated calls at once to reach out to prospects or customers. Sales teams can efficiently use auto calling when running outbound marketing campaigns.

How does an auto dialer work?

Auto dialers, as the name suggests, automatically dial out a set of contacts eliminating the need for manual dialing. Once the number is dialed, auto dialing systems can determine whether the call is answered by an answering machine, picked up by an actual person or if the line is busy. Once the voice detector has recognized who has answered the call, it will either route the call to an available agent, provide a menu of options to the person who answers, play a pre-recorded message or leave a voice mail.

How do I set up automatic dialing?

Setting up automatic dialing requires having a computer, a phone line (regular or VoIP), a voice modem and auto dialing software. To have the autodialing software up and running, you need to upload your contact database, set call flows and assign agents. Based on the type of the auto dialer you use (predictive dialer, power dialer, preview dialer, progressive dialer), the system can be configured on how to respond in various scenarios (such as if there is a busy signal, if a human answers or an answering machine picks up, etc.).

Is auto dialer part of LiveAgent?

Any cloud-based call center solutions provide outbound calling capabilities, not all include auto dialing functionality. LiveAgent’s contact center solution currently supports click-to-call dialing which is one of the most popular technologies used in today’s call centers along with auto dialing. It allows sales agents to initiate outbound calls to customers or prospects in a few clicks while browsing their websites.

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