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What is a phone dialer?

A phone dialer is a software system that simplifies the process of outbound calling. In the call center industry, phone dialers can be broadly classified into two categories – manual phone dialers and automated phone dialers (e.g. a predictive dialer) Manual dialers – the most basic type of call center dialers – require agents to dial the phone numbers of customers or prospects manually. These are mostly used for customer support or simple outbound call campaigns.

Automated call dialers are widely used in call centers by sales teams for outbound international and nationwide telemarketing, market research and customer service follow-ups. Auto dialing software systems enable agents to place large numbers of outbound phone calls without having to dial each number manually. Unlike manual phone dialers, they automatically dial prospects from a preloaded list of phone numbers and then connect the call to an agent only when a live person picks up.

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By using voice detection technologies, auto dialers are able to detect voicemails, answering machines, disconnected calls, busy tones, and unanswered calls. The auto dialer program can also be configured to connect the person on the other end to an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and play pre-recorded messages. Various types of auto dialers – preview dialers, progressive dialers, power dialers, and predictive dialing systems – may further streamline outbound call campaigns by offering different features and capabilities.

Automatic voice dialer systems help agents with overall call center productivity. They help reduce downtime, maximize efficiency, and enable call center agents to connect with more leads and customers. Studies have shown that an auto call dialer can increase agent productivity by up to 300% by means of reducing agent idle time and proportionally increasing the agent talk time per hour.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the phone dialers?

Phone dialers are software systems that simplify the process of outbound calling in call centers. While manual phone dialers require agents to place outbound calls manually, auto dialer systems allow agents to easily and effectively make outbound calls automatically. They can dramatically increase agent productivity and performance by cutting down on agent idle time and increasing the talk time.

How do phone dialers work?

With manual phone dialers, agents initiate outbound calls by manually dialing the numbers from the list of contacts. In case of auto dialers, the system tells the computer which numbers from the contact list should be dialed and how to respond when someone picks up on the other end or when there’s a busy signal, a voice mail or an answering machine. Depending on the dialer type used, the system can be configured to connect the call to a live agent when an actual person picks up, play pre-recorded audio messages when there are no available agents at the moment or drop the call if no one answers by 25 seconds or a busy signal is detected.

Is phone dialer part of LiveAgent?

Though LiveAgent’s contact center solution includes both inbound and outbound calling capabilities, its outbound call center functionality is currently represented by click-to-call dialing. With the click-to-call dialer, call center agents can initiate outbound calls to customers or prospects in a couple of clicks while browsing their websites right from the LiveAgent dashboard panel.

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