Call routing

Call routing is an important feature for any help desk software. It allows you to provide reliable support via phone calls to your customers while ensuring that they won’t waste time calling up your phone lines to no avail. To ensure fast and accurate communication, LiveAgent routes calls automatically by priority or assigns them randomly.

This is especially helpful when your customer support team receives a lot of calls and a small number of agents with different phone numbers are simply unable to take care of them. Call routing takes care of this and distributes incoming calls evenly to available agents. This works hand in hand with IVR.

To give an example.

Let’s say John wants to inquire about an issue with an order he made earlier on your website. John calls your help desk number, selects the relevant option within IVR, and call routing transfers the call to the next available agent. That way, John doesn’t have to dial different numbers for different agents and he doesn’t have to wait in a long queue as long as there are available agents to answer the call.

Random Assignment

New Calls will be assigned randomly to one of the Agents available for Calls.

Priority Assignment

New calls will be assigned to a free agent with the highest priority and longest time since their last call.

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