Internal calls

Internal calls feature provides you the opportunity to switch internal chat for a much more convenient way of communication with your colleagues, voice chat. A feature directly built into the LiveAgent with the rest of the call center enables you to quickly solve any issues you might face or get the right answer in a very short time. Creating an internal call is very easy task.

Simply click on the plus button in the top corner and select “New internal call” from the list of options.

Start new internal call

This will open a new part of LiveAgent, where you can select the person you would like to speak with. Clicking on the call button will immediately open a new ticket with its own ID and the interface similar to the rest of the LiveAgent. 

Ongoing internal call

Similar to the internal chat, you have the opportunity to insert a note containing Ticket ID (which is clickable and will direct you to that ticket).

In case you need help with specific ticket or customer’s request, you can also initiate the internal call directly from the interface of that ticket. Clicking on the 3 dots will show you the list of available options and internal call is part of them. The process to start a call is the same as with the previous method. Select your preferred colleague and hit the call button.

Internal call ended

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