Internal chat

What is an internal chat?

LiveAgent’s internal chat allows you to connect with your colleagues without having to use any third-party application. The internal chat gives you the ability to send instant text messages and as well as attachments (all common file types are supported). Internal chats are visible only to you and the recipient of your message.

Internal chat
Internal chat

How to start an internal chat

To start the internal chat, find the agent you want to contact in the “Online agents” section of the dashboard. Click on the green (online) or grey (offline) dot and select “Send instant message”. Keep in mind that you can send messages even while your colleagues are offline (they can read them at a later time).


Alternatively, you can start an internal chat directly from a ticket, or from an ongoing chat. The process is the same. Simply click on the green dot and select “Send an instant message.” When you start an internal chat this way, the chat will contain the ticket number that you started the chat from.

Internal chat
How to start an internal chat

What other features does the internal chat support?

If you want to ask for help, you have the option to copy and paste a ticket’s unique ticket number into the internal chat, which instantly creates a clickable link. The recipient of your message can click on the link and be instantly redirected to the ticket.

How many chat windows does internal chat support?

The internal chat window supports multiple chats at the same time. The size of the window can be changed according to your preference and positioned anywhere within LiveAgent’s UI.

Multiple internal chats with agents
Multiple internal chats

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