Internal chat

Internal chat allows you to connect with your colleagues without the need of any 3rd party application directly in LiveAgent. It gives you the ability to send instant text messages and add attachments (all common file types are supported). Internal chat is visible only to you and the recipient.

To start the internal chat find the preferred agent in the “Online agents” section of the dashboard. Click on the green (online) or grey (offline) dot and select “Send instant message”. Keep in mind that you can send messages even while your colleague is offline. The message will wait for her once she comes back online.

Copying and pasting the unique ticket number into the chat instantly creates a clickable link, which sends recipient directly to it. These mentions are very useful when you need quick and precise help.

The chat window supports multiple chats at the same time. The size of the window can be changed according to your preferences and positioned anywhere within the UI of LiveAgent.

Another option to start the Internal chat is directly from a ticket or an ongoing chat. The process is the same as in the first option. Simply click on the green dot and select “Send instant message.” It will open a new chat window with the ticket number already mentioned.

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